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  • Chong played the love interest in mick jagger 's Video just another night [1]
  • Apparently the bernie sanders campaign feels marijuana is a 'gateway drug' still Rae Dawn Chong wrote [4]
  • I just hate when my dad is hurt but i am his daughter actress Rae Dawn Chong wrote on facebook [4]
  • Rae Dawn Chong on imdb [1]
  • Rae Dawn Chong at the internet broadway database [1]
  • Rae Dawn Chong has some nice things to say about oprah winfrey [3]
  • In addition to Rae Dawn two of her sisters and their half-brother marcus Chong have pursued acting careers [1]
  • Rae Dawn Chong 1983 [1]
  • Her sister robbi Chong is a model and actress [1]
  • Then Chong says She is amazing [3]
  • Chong goes on to say it was after when i did commando and i was starring with maria shriver's husband in the movie [3]
  • Chong says that oprah invited her on her talk show but says oprah wasn't having me [3]
  • Chong's father is of chinese and scots-irish descent and her mother maxine sneed is of black canadian descent [1]
  • Chong was born in 1961 in edmonton alberta canada the first daughter of comedian actor tommy Chong [1]
  • In 2011 Chong married nathan ulrich one of the founders of xootr [1]


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Chong says

  • Then Chong Says she is amazing [3]
  • That oprah invited her on her talk show but Says oprah wasn't having me [3]

Chong married

  • In 2011 Chong Married nathan ulrich one of the founders of xootr [1]
  • Owen bayliss a stockbroker and they had a son named morgan [1]

Chong at

  • Rae dawn Chong At the internet broadway database [1]
  • She was lovely on the color purple says Chong At first when asked about if there was bad blood between the two on the set of the movie [3]

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