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  • Formidable Rupaul's drag race star Michelle Visage used to be in a dance group in the 1990s now she's heading to strictly come dancing [4]
  • Who is Michelle Visage strictly come dancing 2019 contestant and drag race judge [4]
  • What’s Michelle Visage known for being a judge on rupaul’s drag race [4]
  • Rupaul and Michelle Visage photo by emma mcintyre getty images [2]
  • Michelle Visage and Rupaul have worked together many times [2]
  • Strictly come dancing 2019 unveils Michelle Visage as ninth celebrity in line-up [4]
  • Michelle lynn shupack professionally known as Michelle Visage is a jack of all trades [2]
  • In 1998 Michelle Visage began hosting red carpet coverage for the grammys until 2002 [2]
  • Does Michelle Visage have any dance experience [4]
  • After graduating from high school and moving to nyc Michelle Visage began to pursue a career as an actress [2]
  • Michelle Visage on imdb [1]
  • Rupaul what's the tee with Michelle Visage [1]
  • Michelle Visage's channel on youtube [1]
  • Who is Michelle Visage [4]
  • Michelle Visage [4]


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Visage moved

  • In 2005 Visage Moved back to New york city and served as a co-host of the morning mix on wnew-fm [2]
  • Onto hosting radioshows and podcasts [2]

Visage has

  • Worked with Rupaul on a variety of television shows throughout her career [1]
  • Also made guest appearances in the videos for Rupaul's songs glamazon responsitrannity the beginning and nothing for christmas [1]

Visage who

  • Is a permanent judge on the hit reality competition show rupaul’s Drag race is a force to be reckoned with [2]
  • Grew up in New jersey was adopted and was aware of this from an early age [1]

Visage performed

  • In her west end debut as miss hedge in everybody's talking about jamie between october 18 2018 and january 26 2019 [1]
  • In 1989 Visage Performed at the love ball which was organised by bartsch as a benefit for thedesign industries foundation for aids [1]

Rupaul on

  • Visage has worked with Rupaul On a variety of television shows throughout her career [1]
  • She even collaborated with Rupaul On a few of his early songs appearing in his music videos for New york beat and from your heart [2]

Rupaul what's

  • The tee with Michelle Visage [1]
  • Visage started co-hosting the weekly podcast Rupaul What's the tee on april 9 2014 [1]


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