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  • Christopher comstock born may 19 1992 known professionally as Marshmello is an american electronic music producer and dj [2]
  • In july 2 2019 Marshmello released a documentary with more than music artist spotlight series on youtube [2]
  • Following that Marshmello released love u as a single for free as appreciation to his fans [2]
  • Of course the real-life Marshmello is reportedly dj chris comstock aka dotcom according to a from 2017 [5]
  • Marshmello real name chris comstock is a masked dj-producer known for hits including alone and silence. [4]
  • Marshmello has been awarded best electronic at the 2018 mtv europe music awards his first major award win [2]
  • A month later Marshmello worked with frequent collaborator slushii for the song there ×2 which was released as a single [2]
  • Through his manager Marshmello a 30 under 30 music class of 2018 honoree did not respond to a request forcomment on his identity [4]
  • Marshmello @marshmellomusic july 8 2015 [4]
  • Marshmello also referenced deadmau5 with a variant of his helmet with a third ear featured in the original edit of ritual s music video [2]
  • Acknowledgement of deadmau5's contribution to Marshmello's persona is evident in the music video for alone [2]
  • Marshmello released his debut studio album joytime consisting of 10 songs via his label joytime collective on january 8 2016 [2]
  • In january 2018 Marshmello released a posthumous collaboration with rapper lil peep titled spotlight [2]
  • Skrillex in a 2015 interview with couric holding up his phone with comstock's name saved as chris Marshmello image courtesy yahoo [4]
  • Marshmello collaborated with ookay to release the single chasing colors featuring vocals by american singer noah cyrus [2]


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Marshmello is

  • Christopher Comstock born may 19 1992 known professionally as Marshmello Is an american electronic Music producer and dj [2]
  • Of course the real-life Marshmello Is reportedly dj chris Comstock aka dotcom according to a from 2017 [5]
  • This screenshot captured on november 9th shows all of the songs Marshmello Is listed as a songwriter on including a borgore and dotcom track [4]

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