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  • Cnn Felicity Huffman said She was just trying to be a good parent [4]
  • Felicity Huffman sentenced in college admissions scandal [2]
  • Felicity Huffman pleads guilty releases remorseful statement [5]
  • Felicity Huffman at the interviews an oral history of television [1]
  • Felicity Huffman at the internet broadway database [1]
  • Felicity Huffman on imdb [1]
  • Felicity Huffman 2005 [1]
  • Felicity Huffman gets two weeks jail time for college bribery scheme [1]
  • Felicity Huffman at internet off-broadway database [1]
  • Felicity Huffman mary-louise parker 2005 [1]
  • Felicity Huffman [3]
  • Felicity kendall Huffman born december 9 1962 is an american actress [1]
  • Doha madani is a breaking news reporter for nbc news. [5]
  • Nbc news now [5]
  • Huffman appeared in court in boston on wednesday along with fellow actress lori loughlin who is also charged in the scandal [5]


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Huffman at

  • Felicity Huffman At the interviews an oral history of television [1]
  • Felicity Huffman At the internet broadway database [1]
  • Felicity Huffman At internet off-broadway database [1]

Huffman was

  • Among dozens charged by the fbi and u.s [1]
  • Sentenced to 14 days in prison on september 13 [1]
  • In 2014 Huffman Was cast as the lead in the abc anthology legal drama pilot american crime created by john ridley [1]
  • A star of abc’s desperate housewives which won her an emmy award in 2005 [3]
  • Arrested at her california home on march 12 and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud [1]

Huffman pleaded

  • On may 13 Huffman Pleaded guilty to federal charges for paying $15 000 to have a proctor correct sat questions answered incorrectly by her daughter [1]
  • Guilty in federal court to paying an admissions consultant $15 000 to have a proctor correct her older daughter’s answers on the sat [3]

Huffman said

  • Cnn Felicity Huffman Said she was just trying to be a good parent [4]
  • I just didn’t want to create the impression that neuropsychologists have any part in this a tearful Huffman Said before stopping to collect herself [3]
  • That after seeing her as lynette scavo on housewives for eight years it was difficult for audiences to think of her as anything else [1]
  • In a statement monday that she accepted full responsibility for her actions and would accept the consequences [5]

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