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  • Home and Away 's Dylan Carter will finally get his comeuppance later this month as Kat chapman gets the upper hand against him [5]
  • 'he's quite aware people are after kat' jake ryan who plays Kat's boyfriend robbo on the show told Tv week that Kat is definitely a marked woman [7]
  • Kat and Dylan discover that charlotte had a second phone and learn that She made a call to kyle braxton nic westaway half an hour before her murder [1]
  • Home and Away's Kat gets dumped and more aussie gossip [5]
  • Kat tells Dylan that He has not dealt with the death of his son anton properly and He is arrested [1]
  • Kat and Dylan question irene roberts lynne mcgranger over a piece of irene's clothing being found at the crime scene but She is then cleared [1]
  • When Kat is alone at the farmhouse Dylan approaches her and tells her how they belong together [1]
  • Dylan asks Kat out to dinner as friends but Kat refuses his offer as She is still affected by the abuse She suffered by Dylan [1]
  • Dylan knows how uncomfortable Kat is when He signs up for the investigation but Kat tells him that She is okay with his presence [1]
  • Although reluctant to leave Kat alone robbo takes up the offer oblivious to the fact that novak is hiding behind a tree directly outside their Home [7]
  • On a high after finally defeating Dylan herself Kat later gets caught up in the moment by kissing ash. [5]
  • New evidence comes in where a witness confirms that brody stabbed jay and scarlett tries to get Kat to drop the case [6]
  • Dylan and Kat question martin ashford george mason zac macguire charlie clausen and zac and charlotte's teenage son hunter king scott lee [1]
  • Dylan later attacks ash and holds him billie and Kat hostage at 31 saxon avenue [1]
  • Kat finds out the mysteries behind the blood-stained boat robbo was on and the truth leaves summer bay reeling [6]


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  • 'he's quite aware people are after kat' jake ryan who plays Kat's boyfriend Robbo on the show told Tv Week that Kat is definitely a marked woman [7]
  • 'he's quite aware people are after Kat ' jake told Tv Week on monday [7]
  • Bamford told stephen downie of Tv Week that jeannie and Brody would form an unusual relationship [1]
  • As Tv Week has revealed that one of the show's main Characters will be killed off. [7]
  • In an interview with ali cromarty of Tv Week mcnamee explained that tori was running from something and came to check out summer bay for her family [1]
  • Logies 2017 now to love [7]

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