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  • Banksy says that He was inspired by 3d a graffiti artist who later became a founding member of the english musical group Massive attack [2]
  • Williams claimed to have identified a correlation between cities where Massive attack performed and where murals by the artist have turned up [1]
  • Is Banksy Massive attack frontman robert del naja photo wikimedia commons [1]
  • In 2010 rumours began swirling when Banksy artworks kept popping up in cities across north america where Massive attack had shows scheduled [5]
  • Publicly robert del naja is best-known as 3d founding member and vocalist for Bristol trip-hop collective Massive attack [5]
  • Another source credits the artist's work to resemble that of french graffiti artist called blek le rat [2]
  • Banksy started as a freehand graffiti artist in 1990 1994 as one of Bristol 's drybreadz crew dbz with two other artists known as kato and tes [2]
  • In september 2007 Banksy covered a wall in portobello road with a french artist painting graffiti of Banksy's name [2]
  • Banksy's legacy begins in Bristol in the 1990s as part of Bristol's graffiti gang drybreadz crew [7]
  • Banksy was heavily influenced in his early days by a french graffiti artist called blek le rat [3]
  • Some critics claim Banksy was influenced by musician and graffiti artist 3d [2]
  • Is Massive attack founder robert del naja the real Banksy [1]
  • He - or She - is perhaps the best-known artist in the world except that few people know who they really are [5]
  • Banksy is an anonymous england -based street artist vandal political activist and film director active since the 1990s [2]
  • Elusive street artist Banksy is famous for incorporating the element of surprise into his work [4]


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Banksy has

  • Paradoxically Banksy Has earned a fair amount of money from an Art form that fundamentally opposes capitalism [7]
  • Published several books that contain photographs of his Work accompanied by his own writings [2]
  • Road sign believed to be a Banksy Has vanished [3]
  • Published a manifesto on his website [2]
  • Continuously refused to reveal his identity [7]
  • Released another video indicating that the painting was intended to be shredded completely [2]
  • Claimed responsibility for a number of high-profile artworks including the following [2]

Banksy in

  • Youtube user mia s claimed she caught Banksy In the act after filming a man purported to be the elusive street Artist In melbourne australia [1]
  • The movie exit through the gift shop [1]
  • Gaza clip [2]

Banksy is

  • An anonymous england -based street Artist vandal political activist and film director active since the 1990s [2]
  • Elusive street Artist Banksy Is famous for incorporating the element of surprise into his Work [4]
  • If Banksy Is actually a team of People he wouldn't be the first [5]
  • A famous - but anonymous - british Graffiti Artist [3]
  • Believed to be robin gunningham born on 28 july 1973 in yate 12 miles 19km from Bristol [2]
  • A real person perhaps not nearly as interesting as his myth but certainly not a myth he explained [1]

Banksy then

  • Posted an image of the shredding on instagram captioned going going gone... [2]
  • Revealed that the painting was in fact his via an instagram video soundtracked by the festive children's song 'little snowflake' [2]

Banksy effect

  • A concept the Banksy Effect has developed as a result of Banksy's artistic innovation [2]
  • 2006 2007 [2]

Banksy reportedly

  • Told the boy that the picture was worth ca [1]
  • Paid a san francisco chinatown building owner $50 for the use of their wall for one of his stencils [2]


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