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  • Cooke w.f. the electric Telegraph was it Invented by prof [3]
  • However great britain and the british empire continued to use the Cooke and wheatstone System in some places as late as the 1930s [5]
  • On june 12 1837 Cooke and wheatstone were awarded a patent for an electric Telegraph [5]
  • In cooke's original System a single-needle Telegraph was adapted to indicate just two messages line clear and line blocked [5]
  • In a punched-tape System the message is first typed onto punched tape using the Code of the Telegraph System Morse Code for instance [5]
  • This was the System that first used the soon-to-become-ubiquitous Morse Code [5]
  • In 1865 the Morse System became the standard for international communication with a modified Code developed for german railways [3]
  • Railway signal telegraphy did not change in essence from cooke's initial concept for more than a century [5]
  • An electrical Telegraph was a point-to-point text messaging System used from the 1840s until better systems became widespread [3]
  • Before the development of the electric Telegraph visual systems were used to convey messages over distances by means of variable displays [8]
  • Kieve jeffrey l. the electric Telegraph a social and economic history david and charles 1973 oclc 655205099 [3]
  • In the united states the Morse vail Telegraph was quickly deployed in the two decades following the first demonstration in 1844 [3]
  • Cooke and wheatstone System [3]
  • At first gauss and weber used the Telegraph to coordinate time but soon they developed other signals finally their own alphabet [3]
  • Beginning in 1854 submarine Telegraph cables allowed the first rapid communication between continents [3]


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  • Cooke
  • Wheatstone
  • Samuel morse
  • Vail
  • Alfred vail
  • Joseph henry
  • Charles wheatstone
  • Gauss
  • Marconi
  • Henry

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Telegraph -

  • Pavel shilling and his Telegraph - article in pcweek russian edition [3]
  • Student encyclopedia ages 11 and up [8]
  • Children's encyclopedia ages 8-11 [8]

Telegraph cables

  • Beginning in 1854 submarine Telegraph Cables allowed the First rapid Communication between continents [3]
  • There were geographical constraints on intercepting the Telegraph Cables but once radio was Used interception could be much more widespread [3]
  • A worldwide Communication network meant that Telegraph Cables would have to be laid across oceans [5]
  • Submarine Telegraph Cables business and politics 1838 1939 [5]
  • Submarine Telegraph Cables business and politics 1838-1939 [3]

Telegraph systems

  • Prior to the war the Telegraph Systems were primarily Used in the commercial sector [3]
  • There were many different electrical Telegraph Systems invented but the ones that became widespread fit into two broad categories [3]
  • Spread across the world as well [1]

Morse had

  • Well before Morse Had his shipboard idea about a Telegraph henry rang a bell at a distance by opening and closing an Electric circuit [2]
  • Formed a partnership with alfred vail who was a clever mechanic and is credited with many contributions to the Morse System [8]

Morse -

  • Children's encyclopedia ages 8-11 [4]
  • Student encyclopedia ages 11 and up [4]

Morse system

  • In 1865 the Morse System became the standard for international Communication with a modified Code developed for german railways [3]
  • By 1844 the Morse System connected baltimore to washington and by 1861 the west coast of the continent was connected to the east coast [5]

Morse telegraph

  • According to Morse Telegraph dates only from 1832 when pavel schilling invented one of the earliest electrical telegraphs [5]
  • Club inc [3]

Morse was

  • In 1831 he had published an article of which Morse Was unaware that contained details suggesting the idea of an Electric Telegraph [2]
  • In february 1825 Morse Was in washington to paint a portrait of the marquis de lafayette when he received a letter from his father [9]
  • Before Morse Was known for his inventions he Was making a living as a professional painter [9]
  • Immediately involved in legal claims by his partners and by rival inventors [4]

Morse code

  • In a punched-tape System the message is First typed onto punched tape using the Code of the Telegraph System Morse Code for instance [5]
  • & the Telegraph [1]
  • In 1865 a conference in paris adopted gerke's Code as the international Morse Code and was henceforth the international standard [3]
  • Morse and vail developed the Morse Code signalling alphabet [3]
  • Instead the letters were chosen because they are easy to transmit in Morse Code s is three dots and o is three dashes [1]
  • Abbreviations [5]
  • Mnemonics [5]


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