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  • Thomas Edison Invented the Phonograph in 1877 and thus was known for who Invented the Record player [5]
  • In 1877 thomas Edison Invented the Phonograph using a combination of the phonautograph the telegraph and the telephone [9]
  • Thomas Edison introduced the use of sapphire in 1892 and the use of diamond in 1910 for his cylinder phonographs [1]
  • Thomas Edison succeeded with his device but lost interest in the development of the device when the public lost interest in the initial invention [9]
  • Although the adjustments improved on the original design thomas Edison decided to make changes to his original invention personally [9]
  • In 1885 thomas Edison wrote i have not heard a bird sing since i was twelve. no one is really sure just how Edison lost most of his hearing [3]
  • Thomas Edison in popular culture [1]
  • Thomas Edison house [1]
  • Thomas Edison lost much of his hearing when He was still a child [10]
  • Berliner's lateral disc Record was the ancestor of the 78 rpm 45 rpm 33⅓ rpm and all other analogue disc records popular for use in sound Recording [1]
  • A Recording made on a sheet of tinfoil at an 1878 demonstration of Edison's Phonograph in st [1]
  • Records also continue to be manufactured and sold today albeit in smaller quantities than in the disc Phonograph's heyday [1]
  • While other inventors had produced devices that could Record sounds Edison's Phonograph was the first to be able to reproduce the recorded sound [1]
  • Partisans of Edison also argued that the vertical cut in the groove produced a superior sound to the lateral cut of victor and other disc competitors [2]
  • Early acoustical Record players used the stylus to vibrate a diaphragm that radiated the sound through a horn [1]


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Edison later

  • Changed the paper to a metal cylinder with tin foil wrapped around it [2]
  • Switched to wax cylinders [10]

Record is

  • When the Record Is played back another Stylus responds to the undulations and its motions are then reconverted into Sound [6]
  • On a perfectly flat Record a short arm will do but once the Record Is even slightly warped a short arm will be troublesome [1]

Record player

  • Also called Record Player instrument for reproducing sounds by means of the vibration of a Stylus or needle following a groove on a rotating Disc [6]
  • High-fidelity Sound reproduction hit the scene and motivated countless people to add a Record Player to their home [5]
  • In more modern usage the playback device is often called a turntable Record Player or Record changer [1]
  • Hip-hop djs used Record Player turntables in a new and creative way through the 80s 90s and beyond [5]
  • Often the home Record Player was part of a system that included a radio and later might also play audiotape cassettes [1]
  • This gramophone Record Player was quite popular until the rise of radio [5]
  • Though radio didn’t kill the Record Player it certainly stole the spotlight for a while [5]
  • Signature™ vinyl Record Player classic turntable stereo system [5]

Record as

  • Manipulation of a Record As part of the Music rather than for normal playback or mixing is called turntablism [1]
  • A rubber Disc would be secured to the top of the stamping to provide traction for the Record As well As a small amount of vibration isolation [1]

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