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  • In november 1929 bernard natan established france's First Television company télévision- Baird -natan [1]
  • In november of the same year Baird and bernard natan of pathé established france's First Television company télévision- Baird -natan [1]
  • Baird pioneered a variety of 3d Television systems using electro-mechanical and cathode-ray tube techniques [1]
  • By the 1920s when amplification made Television practical scottish inventor john logie Baird employed the nipkow disk in his prototype video systems [1]
  • John logie Baird gave the First public demonstration of televised silhouettes in motion on march 25 1925 [7]
  • Such is life we would have tv even if Baird was never born others were involved but He was First [3]
  • On march 25 1925 Baird gave the First public demonstration of televised silhouette images in motion at selfridge's department store in london [1]
  • As early as 1940 Baird had started work on a fully electronic System He called the telechrome [1]
  • On august 22 1932 bbc launched its own regular service using baird's 30-line electromechanical System continuing until september 11 1935 [1]
  • Baird's System used the nipkow disk for both scanning the image and displaying it [1]
  • In 1927 Baird transmitted a signal over 438 miles 705km of telephone line between london and glasgow [1]
  • Baird provided a limited amount of programming five days a week by 1930 [1]
  • Nonetheless john logie Baird was First [3]
  • Archive of american Television information and links to videotaped oral history interviews with tv legends and pioneers [1]
  • Web Television webtv is a term used for programs created by a wide variety of companies and individuals for broadcast on internet tv [1]


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