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  • Article 370 had put doubts in the mind of people that Kashmir is a part of India the home minister said [3]
  • Aadil was at his home near the loc in gurez area of bandipora district in north Kashmir on august 5 when the abrogation of Article 370 was announced [4]
  • India's government has revoked part of the constitution that gives indian-administered Kashmir special status prompting fears of unrest [8]
  • War broke out between India and Pakistan and Kashmir effectively became partitioned [8]
  • Kashmir why India and Pakistan fight over it [6]
  • Kashmir is a himalayan region that both India and Pakistan say is fully theirs [6]
  • Fighting quickly broke out and both countries eventually sent in troops with Pakistan occupying about one-third of the state and India two-thirds [10]
  • Kashmir in lockdown as India plans to change state's status [7]
  • China shares a border with jammu and Kashmir state and India and china still do not agree on the demarcation line [10]
  • Shah said He firmly believed Article 370 that gave the special status to jammu and Kashmir should be removed as it was not beneficial to the country [1]
  • New delhi cnn Article 370 of India's constitution has been a bone of contention in the country's politics for years [7]
  • According to the constitution Article 370 could only be modified with the agreement of the state government [6]
  • Doing away with Article 370 now opens the door for an open palestine-type independence struggle within Kashmir He said [9]
  • That body dissolved itself in 1957 and India's supreme court ruled last year that Article 370 is therefore a permanent part of the constitution [10]
  • I want to tell the people of jammu and Kashmir what damage articles 370 and 35a did to the state mr shah told parliament [6]


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Kashmir is

  • Article 370 had put doubts in the mind of people that Kashmir Is a part of India the Home minister said [3]
  • A himalayan region that both India and Pakistan say Is fully theirs [6]
  • Indian-administered Kashmir Is in a State of lockdown [8]
  • Why a special law on Kashmir Is controversial [8]


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