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  • Prior to Sesame street's creation jim Henson creator of the Muppets already had a show called the Muppets [6]
  • So jim Henson developed a separate cast of muppits for Sesame street but also added his signature character from the original Muppets kermit the frog [6]
  • In 1969 Henson joined the children's educational television program Sesame street where He helped to develop characters for the series [1]
  • In 2000 Sesame workshop bought the Muppet characters that had been appearing on their show from the Henson company [6]
  • Following disney's acquisition of the Muppets puppets Created by the jim Henson company are no longer referred to as Muppets [3]
  • Henson performed the characters of ernie game-show host guy smiley and kermit who appeared as a roving television news reporter [1]
  • Many of these puppeteers performed characters across the Muppet show Sesame street fraggle rock and other henson-related projects [3]
  • Henson began developing a broadway show and a weekly television series both featuring the Muppets [1]
  • Many of Henson's co-stars and directors from Sesame street the Muppets and other works also shared their thoughts on his death [1]
  • On september 28 2005 the united states postal service released a jim Henson and the Muppets postage stamp series [3]
  • Fourteen years after initial negotiations began disney acquired the Muppets intellectual property from Henson for $75 million on february 17 2004 [3]
  • Brian jay jones published jim Henson the biography on september 24 2013 Henson's 77th birthday [1]
  • During the later years of his life He founded the jim Henson foundation and jim Henson's creature shop [1]
  • Henson continued creating children's television such as fraggle rock and the animated Muppet babies [1]
  • Henson appeared with kermit on the arsenio hall show on may 4 1990 and it was his final television appearance [1]


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Henson for

  • Fourteen years after initial negotiations began Disney acquired the Muppets intellectual property from Henson For $75 million on february 17 2004 [3]
  • ''sesame street.'' [2]

Henson was

  • Jim Henson Was contracted to provide the puppets for that Show [6]
  • In 2003 Jim Henson Was honored at the annual norsk hรธstfest in minot north dakota [1]
  • Inducted into the Television hall of fame in 1987 [1]
  • A strong supporter of the civil rights movement [1]
  • The first to adapt the ancient art to the modern medium [2]
  • Posthumously inducted into the walk of fame in 1991 [1]
  • Involved ''the witches '' directed by nicholas roeg based on the roald dahl children's tale is to be released this year [2]
  • Also involved in producing various shows and animation inserts during the first two seasons [1]
  • James maury Henson Was born in greenvile miss [2]
  • Having trouble breathing at around 2 a.m [1]
  • ''calm and unbelievably patient '' so much so that ''sometimes you want to kick him.'' patience Was probably helpful though [2]

Henson foundation

  • During the later years of his life he founded the Jim Henson Foundation and Jim Henson's creature shop [1]
  • In 1982 Henson founded the Jim Henson Foundation to promote and develop the art of puppetry in the united states [1]

Henson died

  • On may 16 1990 Henson Died from toxic shock syndrome in new york city [1]
  • From pneumonia at age 53 on may 16 1990 just over 20 hours after being admitted to new york hospital [1]

Muppets most

  • Wanted 2014 [3]
  • Wanted was released in 2014 and starred ricky gervais tina fey and ty burrell [3]

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