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  • There were countless ways for Joe biden to illustrate his willingness to work with those with whom He disagrees [6]
  • Too many of them want to explain away the potential harm of biden's comments for People who don't look like us [6]
  • Some white democrats whom i know to be thoughtful People criticized me for taking biden out of context [6]
  • I had to do what i'm always insisting other white People do during uncomfortable discussions about race speak up [6]
  • When i first learned about biden's comments i thought about all the black People in my life friends neighbors students and colleagues [6]
  • He never Called me 'boy.' He always Called me 'son ' biden told donors [6]
  • He modeled how to have Fun for me [4]
  • Creators press [6]
  • So we'll leave it at that. there it is again you have People on both sides... [6]
  • He says that it wasn’t Fun at first [4]
  • Robert caro in his book master of the senate describes eastland's racist rant to the crowd [6]
  • Creators syndicate inc [6]
  • Like it share it [6]
  • Creators collections [6]
  • If you'd like a t-shirt please join our campaign to raise funds for a new order [4]


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