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  • Mcnairy county Tennessee [3]
  • When his car was sparkling Pusser went to the fair at the Mcnairy county fairgrounds [6]
  • While in Chicago Pusser met his future wife pauline [9]
  • When buford Pusser became the sheriff of Mcnairy county in 1964 he didn't expect to become a legend and a hero for the underdogs [6]
  • Interactive haunted house movie coming from alexandre aja and Amblin based on an idea by mike flanagan [7]
  • 12 1967 Mcnairy county sheriff buford Pusser got a call about a disturbance on a side road just outside of town [9]
  • Today a memorial stands in Mcnairy county in the house that buford Pusser grew up in [9]
  • In 1973 a movie called Walking Tall which was based on Pusser's life was released [6]
  • During that time he was shot and stabbed numerous times as he tried to rid Mcnairy county of organized crime [6]
  • Where was the movie Walking Tall Filmed [8]
  • In 1973 the first Walking Tall movie was released [6]
  • Where does the movie Walking Tall take place were both the 1973 and 2004 versions set in the same area [8]
  • Henry golding in Talks for ‘g.i [7]
  • I believe that what made the first movie 'walking Tall ' popular was people were fed up wagoner said [6]
  • Walking Tall is a 2004 american action film directed by kevin bray [1]

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  • Mcnairy county
  • Tennessee
  • Talks
  • Chicago
  • Amblin
  • Kitsap county
  • Washington
  • Mississippi
  • Texas
  • The united states

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Pusser is

  • Betrayed by one of his deputies and Is attacked several times [3]
  • Pauline Is killed and Pusser Is seriously injured [3]
  • Seriously injured with a knife and receives over 200 stitches [3]

Pusser became

  • When buford Pusser Became the sheriff of Mcnairy county in 1964 he didn't expect to become a legend and a hero for the underdogs [6]
  • Chief in 1961 [6]

Pusser killed

  • Again rumors swirled that Pusser Killed both of them though he was never convicted [9]
  • One more person in his lifetime russ hamilton on dec [6]

Pusser wasn't

  • Trying to attract attention wagoner said [6]
  • Really trying to make a name for himself [6]

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