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  • However in 1823 Texas was a sparsely-populated province of mexico and therefore wouldn't have had an american army let alone the Texas rangers [1]
  • Icy rapids and conditions were some of the elements leonardo dicaprio battles in the Revenant photo by chinafotopress chinafotopress via getty images [6]
  • Director alejandro iñárritu’s decision to Film in the remote wilds of alberta Canada threw up a host of challenges [5]
  • In his new Film the Revenant leonardo dicaprio plays hugh Glass an explorer stranded in the woods in the 1800's [9]
  • He was a sea captain already in his 30s when pirates attacked his ship off the coast of what is now Texas in 1819 [2]
  • Not even a Texas state school board would quibble with that vision of how the west was won [2]
  • Nevertheless the Revenant played very balanced across the U.s [1]
  • This would suggest that Texas is either part of the union or an aligned territory [1]
  • After two years in january 1823 Glass headed east with the chief to meet with the U.s [2]
  • Films shot in Calgary [1]
  • One of best films seen in a v long time lot of rubbish out these days tom hardy is brilliant [7]
  • Iñárritu was scheduled to begin production on the Revenant after birdman wrapped [1]
  • Why the Revenant is a breakthrough Film for new british and irish talent [5]
  • Days later iñárritu stated that he was seeking leonardo dicaprio and sean penn for the two lead roles [1]
  • Revenant 's Glass finally tracks down fitzgerald wounds him then floats him downstream to a gang of ree who finish the job [2]

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Film is

  • This Film Is a milestone in cinematography [3]
  • This Film Is truly brilliant awe inspiring beautiful and most of all teaches us the will to survive [7]
  • This Film Is an experience and i has already seen it 4 times and i only see more quality of the Film [3]

Glass is

  • True survivors while the endurance of Glass Is unlikely dery says there are real-life modern survivalists [6]
  • Fitzgerald realizing Glass Is alive empties the outpost's safe and flees [1]
  • While scouting game Glass Is attacked by a grizzly bear and left near death [1]


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