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  • I found a little town called sparta in Illinois near the Mississippi river the most southern location i could find [4]
  • North state street & peabody road Freeburg Illinois united states [2]
  • When we first see poitier as virgil Tibbs he is stepping off the train in the small Mississippi town of sparta [5]
  • Sidney poitier movies 20 greatest Films ranked worst to Best include ‘in the Heat of the Night ’ ‘lilies of the field’ [5]
  • Entirely possible because sparta Illinois where it was actually Filmed was close by on the other side of the river in Illinois [2]
  • From book to Film to television to stage and maybe back to tv in the Heat of the Night has become one of america’s most enduring stories [6]
  • 49 was inaccurately positioned on the Mississippi side of the river [7]
  • Year the café was torn down when i was in grade school back in the mid late 60’s .we always traveled thru Freeburg from st [2]
  • Fictional portrayals of the Philadelphia police department [1]
  • Gillespie accuses Tibbs of the murder and is embarrassed to learn Tibbs is a police officer from Philadelphia [1]
  • In front of 147 west broadway street sparta Illinois united states [2]
  • In the Heat of the Night at the tcm Movie database [1]
  • In 1966 a wealthy industrialist named phillip colbert has moved from chicago to sparta Mississippi to build a factory there [1]
  • Films set in Mississippi [1]
  • In the Heat of the Night at the american Film institute catalog [1]

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