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  • William's wife isabel does not adapt to the harsh Montana winters and moves to the east coast Tristan vows never to speak of her again [1]
  • Tristan is plagued with guilt over samuel's death and feels responsible for driving alfred away he leaves Montana for several years [1]
  • There's plenty of land in Montana and that was supposed to be the setting so why would they Film it in Canada [4]
  • A historic harbour area in Vancouver called gastown was augmented with period building facades for the helena Montana street scenes [1]
  • Legends of the Fall was primarily Filmed on location in Alberta and british columbia Canada [1]
  • Tristan brad pitt the middle son whose idea of entertainment is to awaken hibernating bears and cut out their still-beating hearts [6]
  • One stab observes that it was the people Tristan loved and wanted to protect most that died young [1]
  • In a fit of grief Tristan beats the officer nearly to death and is jailed [1]
  • After his release Tristan and decker kill those responsible for isabel's death including one of the o'banion brothers [1]
  • A devastated Tristan holds samuel until he dies then cuts out his brother's heart and sends it home to be buried at the ranch [1]
  • Tristan becomes involved in small-scale rum-running finding himself at odds with the o'banion brothers [1]
  • While visiting alfred in the field hospital Tristan learns that samuel has volunteered for a dangerous reconnaissance mission [1]
  • Even though Canada has spectacular settings it's not the production values that Film producers go there to find [4]
  • Tristan returns home where susannah finds him weeping over samuel's grave [1]
  • Tristan returns during prohibition bringing life back to the ranch and his father [1]

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