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  • Bill gillespie was a police chief in thetown of Sparta Mississippi wholater became sheriff of the county [5]
  • Like the original movie the television series also took place in a fictionalized version of Sparta Mississippi [3]
  • I found a little town called Sparta in illinois near the Mississippi river the most southern location i could find [9]
  • In 1966 a wealthy industrialist named phillip colbert has moved from chicago to Sparta Mississippi to build a factory there [1]
  • Rural scenes were Filmed in a wide surrounding area in the Georgia counties of newton where Covington is located rockdale walton morgan and jasper [3]
  • Boy it's gonna be a job to try and paint all of these over with the name of the town in the book . and i said we'll just make it Sparta Mississippi [7]
  • Hammond was selected by executive producer juanita bartlett to represent the small southern town of Sparta Mississippi [3]
  • Part 1 of in the Heat of the Night fan club's quest for in the Heat of the Night filming locations in and around Covington ga [8]
  • Eugene witnesses the death of his best friend and a small-time Sparta drug dealer in a drive-by shooting by other dealers from jackson [3]
  • Meanwhile the Sparta city council dismisses gillespie as chief of police [3]
  • Screenwriter stirling silliphant adapted ballโ€™s novel for the screen in 1967 changing the setting to Sparta and moving Tibbs from the pasadena p.d [4]
  • Gillespie forbes and the Sparta p.d [3]
  • In first girl gillespie hires christine rankin Sparta pd's first female officer [3]
  • Fans of in the Heat of the Night still come to visit the showโ€™s town known as Sparta [5]
  • In the second Season the show was moved to Georgia to an area east of atlanta and it remained there for the rest of its run [3]

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Tibbs is

  • Gillespie accuses Tibbs of the murder and Is embarrassed to learn Tibbs Is a police officer from Philadelphia [1]
  • Gillespie phones Tibbs's chief who informs Gillespie that Tibbs Is a top homicide detective and recommends that he should assist the investigation [1]
  • Gillespie rescues Tibbs and tells him to leave town for his safety but Tibbs Is convinced he can solve the case and take endicott down [1]
  • Purdy grabs the purse and looks inside and realizes Tibbs Is right [1]
  • An iconic scene that surprised and perhaps shocked audiences at the time occurs when Tibbs Is slapped by endicott [1]
  • Now a san francisco cop with a wife barbara mcnair daughter wanda spell and son george spell [4]

Tibbs at

  • Wood sent by the chief to check out various town access and exit points finds a black man virgil Tibbs At the train station and arrests him [1]
  • At that moment purdy's mob arrives on the scene and holds Tibbs At gunpoint [1]


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