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  • It’s in Kitulgala where the jade green kelani River cascades over granite boulders on its journey from the highlands of Sri lanka to the ocean [7]
  • Despite heavy logging in other parts of Sri lanka Kitulgala has been saved from development and is now protected [7]
  • Sri lanka is the star of my movie odyssey journeying to the lush jungle backdrop where the Bridge on the River Kwai was Filmed [7]
  • Many decades later i discovered Kwai was shot in Kitulgala a remote village not far from the capital columbo [7]
  • When Joyce is mortally wounded by japanese fire shears swims across the River but is himself shot [1]
  • He shears and canadian lieutenant Joyce reach the River in time with the assistance of siamese women bearers and their village chief khun yai [1]
  • Under cover of darkness shears and Joyce plant explosives on the Bridge towers below the water line [1]
  • Shears is enjoying his hospital stay in ceylon when british major Warden invites him to join a mission to destroy the Bridge before it is completed [1]
  • Nicholson yells for help while attempting to stop Joyce from reaching the detonator [1]
  • Alec guinness movies 15 greatest Films ranked worst to best include ‘the Bridge on the River Kwai ’ ‘star wars’ [6]
  • David lean movies all 16 Films ranked worst to best include ‘lawrence of arabia ’ ‘bridge on the River Kwai ’ ‘doctor zhivago’ [6]
  • In 1999 the british Film institute voted the Bridge on the River Kwai the 11th greatest british Film of the 20th century [1]
  • Unknown to him the allies have sent a mission into the jungle led by Warden and an american shears to blow up the Bridge [6]
  • By the way the real Kwai River was just a trickle near burma where boulle set his Bridge the actual Bridge had been built 200 miles away near bangkok [2]
  • Recognising the dying shears nicholson exclaims what have i done Warden fires a mortar wounding nicholson [1]

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Film four

  • Slant magazine also gave the Film Four out of five stars [1]
  • Roger ebert gives the Film Four out of Four stars [1]

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