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  • Although he&aposs always in the same locations you&aposve always found him on Titan io Nessus the european dead zone and the tower [7]
  • Titan Exotic - ashen wake fusion grenades explode on impact and travel faster [5]
  • Head to Nessus for some exotics [3]
  • Best Titan Exotic armor in Destiny 2 [3]
  • He offers just one year two Exotic this week and it's one that's a little too late to enjoy fully--but hey not every Xur weekend can be a winner [4]
  • This week you can find Xur on Nessus hanging out calus’ barge [3]
  • Its Exotic perk is compounding force where the weapon deals bonus damage to shielded enemies [3]
  • You'll find Xur on calus' Nessus barge this weekend down in watcher's grave [5]
  • Xur Exotic inventory for august 23 - august 27 [5]
  • Lion rampant Exotic Titan leg armor -- 23 legendary shards [4]
  • Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun -- 29 legendary shards [4]
  • Yes this Exotic is breathtakingly useless. [5]
  • If you like playing arcstrider and prefer using a grenade-boosting Exotic rather than the raiden flux chest piece pick up these gauntlets [3]
  • Where is Xur the Destiny 2 Exotic gear merchant returns september 13 selling more Exotic weapons and armour [7]
  • Now playing Destiny 2 - where is Xur Exotic vendor location guide 9 6 - 9 10 [4]

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  • Exotic
  • Titan
  • Nessus
  • Us
  • Wolves
  • Warlock
  • Jericho city
  • Arbalest
  • Britain
  • Beenden

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Xur was

  • Last Week Xur Was selling the following stock listed below which as per usual guardians could buy using their legendary shards [7]
  • Also selling the five of swords nightfall challenge card and the new isochronal engram [7]

Xur exotic

  • Inventory for august 23 - august 27 [5]
  • Now playing Destiny 2 - where is Xur Exotic vendor location guide 9 6 - 9 10 [4]

Xur is

  • Located on Titan this Week which can be a tricky area to reach if you aren’t familiar with it [2]
  • On Titan this Week here Is a look at his inventory [6]
  • Because armor features randomized rolls you might find that what Xur Is selling offers better perks than the version you might already own [4]
  • In the back of it [2]
  • Five of swords Xur Is also offering the five of swords challenge this Week [2]
  • If you haven’t completed the invitation quest yet Xur Is still offering it for nine legendary shards [3]

Xur location

  • Destiny 2 Xur Location - where is Xur today [7]
  • Destiny 2 Xur Location and items sept [3]
  • Share all sharing options for Destiny 2 Xur Location and items aug [3]


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