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  • Follow Bangkok to Kanchanaburi & Bridge on the River Kwai [4]
  • Bridge on the River Kwai map Kanchanaburi Thailand [3]
  • River Kwai Bridge Kanchanaburi Thailand [3]
  • However make enquiries regarding the rates and conditions at tourism authority of Thailand office in Kanchanaburi to avoid being duped [3]
  • Bangkok to Kanchanaburi & [4]
  • Hotels & resorts in Kanchanaburi Thailand [3]
  • War cemetery Kanchanaburi Thailand [3]
  • Kanchanaburi in myanmar border is home to the famous Bridge River Kwai [3]
  • Kanchanaburi and the Bridge on the River Kwai [7]
  • There the track connects with thailand’s main southern line from Bangkok allowing trains to continue to the thai capital’s old thonburi station [7]
  • By the way the real Kwai River was just a trickle near burma where boulle set his Bridge the actual Bridge had been built 200 miles away near Bangkok [2]
  • In Kanchanaburi guides with three‐wheel bicycle taxis are available to spin the visitor to the Bridge the two cemeteries and the marketplace [8]
  • At the nearby Kanchanaburi war cemetery around 7 000 pows who sacrificed their lives in the railway construction are buried [3]
  • Kanchanaburi hotels with free parking [6]
  • Kanchanaburi hotels with pools [6]

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Kanchanaburi travel

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Kanchanaburi vacation

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Kanchanaburi beach

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Kanchanaburi hotel

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Bridge over

  • Hotels near Bridge Over the River Kwai [6]
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Bridge in

  • His workers are building a small Bridge In his garden that greatly resembles the one In that Film and whistling the familiar colonel bogey march [1]
  • Clipton expresses grave doubts about the sanity of colonel nicholson's efforts to build the Bridge In order to show up his Japanese captors [1]
  • Lieutenant colonel philip toosey of the british army was the real senior allied officer at the Bridge In question [1]
  • Allied forces bombed the iron Bridge In 1944 [3]

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