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  • India ranks at 3rd position behind Philippines and Indonesia in its Coconut production [5]
  • Yellowing diseases affect plantations in africa India mexico the caribbean and the Pacific region [3]
  • This is why olsen says you find Pacific type Coconuts on the Pacific coast of central america and indian type Coconuts on the atlantic coast [7]
  • In kerala India the main Coconut pests are the Coconut mite the rhinoceros beetle the red palm weevil and the Coconut leaf caterpillar [3]
  • Coconut production is very important to the agricultural industry in India and the economy as a whole especially in rural areas of the country [2]
  • Coconut water is a refreshing drink available on the beaches of India in all seasons [4]
  • India is the third largest Coconut producer in the world [2]
  • In the Philippines sweetened reduced Coconut milk is marketed as Coconut syrup and is used for various desserts [3]
  • In the coastal regions of India fishermen offer Coconut to seas expecting to catch fish in abundance [4]
  • Indonesia is the world leader of Coconut production [2]
  • India dedicates approximately 21 lakh hectares of its land for Coconut plantation [5]
  • Tamil nadu contributes to 31% of the total production of Coconut in India [5]
  • In the Philippines this alcoholic drink is called lambanog or Coconut vodka [3]
  • With the cultivation of over 13 million Coconuts India is an agricultural state which is known for its crop exports [5]
  • A sprouting Coconut seed is the logo for gerakan pramuka Indonesia the indonesian scouting organization [3]

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Coconut is

  • Cultivated across 4.65 lakh hectares of land in the state which contributed to the Production of 7 billion Coconuts [5]
  • Dried Coconut Is also Used as the filling for many chocolate bars [3]
  • Fresh shredded or flaked Coconut Is also Used as a garnish various dishes as in puto bumbรณng [3]
  • Offered to deities in hindu temples across the globe [4]
  • In hindu wedding ceremonies a Coconut Is placed over the opening of a pot representing a womb [3]
  • The tree of a thousand uses and the tree of life in the malay language and the philippine language respectively [4]
  • Coconut milk and Coconut cream extracted from grated Coconut Is frequently added to various dessert and savory dishes as well as in curries and stews [3]
  • Another product of the Coconut Is Coconut oil [3]
  • Some dried Coconut Is purely Coconut but others are manufactured with other ingredients such as sugar propylene glycol salt and sodium metabisulfite [3]
  • A beauty of kerala [4]
  • A multipurpose fruit with high economic value [4]

Coconut palms

  • Are grown in more than 90 countries and territories of the World with a total Production of over 59 million tonnes in 2016 table [3]
  • In vanuatu Coconut Palms for copra Production are generally spaced 9m 30ft apart allowing a tree density of 100 to 160 per hectare 40 to 65 per acre [3]
  • Of different heights with their roots deep in the soil and hanging over the waters add to the green beauty of the state [4]
  • Are cultivated north of south florida to roughly cocoa beach on the east coast and clearwater on the west coast [3]
  • Continue to produce roots from the base of the stem throughout their lives [3]
  • Given proper care and growing conditions Coconut Palms produce their first fruit in six to ten years taking 15 to 20 years to reach peak Production [3]
  • Are normally cultivated in hot and wet tropical climates [3]
  • Are believed to be largely cross- pollinated although some dwarf varieties are self-pollinating [3]
  • Require warm conditions for successful growth and are intolerant of cold weather [3]

Coconut flowers

  • Similarly in sri lanka Coconut Flowers standing in brass urns are placed in prominent positions [3]
  • In kerala Coconut Flowers must be present during a marriage ceremony [3]
  • Are present along with other things during marriage ceremonies in kerala [4]
  • Are auspicious symbols and are fixtures at hindu and buddhist weddings and other important occasions [3]

Coconut has

  • Different significances in different countries and different languages [4]
  • A number of commercial and traditional cultivars [3]

Coconut trunks

  • In kerala Coconut Trunks are Used for house construction [3]
  • Are Used for building small bridges and huts they are preferred for their straightness strength and salt resistance [3]

Coconut leaf

  • In kerala India the main Coconut pests are the Coconut mite the rhinoceros beetle the red Palm weevil and the Coconut Leaf caterpillar [3]
  • Brontispa longissima Coconut Leaf beetle feeds on young leaves and damages both seedlings and mature Coconut palms [3]

Coconut water

  • Is a refreshing drink available on the beaches of India in all seasons [4]
  • Sipping Coconut Water while taking sunbath or lying back on sands is part of a beach holiday in India [4]
  • Is traditionally Used as a growth supplement in plant tissue culture and micropropagation [3]
  • Can be drunk fresh or Used in cooking as in binakol [3]
  • Coconuts are distinct from other fruits because their endosperm contains a large quantity of clear liquid called Coconut Water or Coconut juice [3]
  • Serves as a suspension for the endosperm of the Coconut during its nuclear phase of development [3]
  • These vary by the taste of the Coconut Water and color of the fruit as well as other genetic factors [3]
  • Green Coconut Water works as a hydrating fluid for the body [4]
  • Per 100-gram serving Coconut Water contains 19 calories and no significant content of essential nutrients [3]
  • Can be fermented to produce Coconut vinegar [3]

Coconut plays

  • Some south asian southeast asian and Pacific ocean cultures have origin myths in which the Coconut Plays the main role [3]
  • Unique to the rural landscape and cultural life of kerala Coconut Plays an important role in the economy of the state [4]
  • An important role in buddhist weddings [4]

India is

  • The third largest Coconut producer in the World [2]
  • With the cultivation of over 13 million Coconuts India Is an agricultural state which Is known for its crop exports [5]


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