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  • New Latin from Latin feminine of glabellus hairless diminutive of glaber [8]
  • Superior meatus [1]
  • Its an anatomical landmark on the frontal Bone located Superior to the nasion and between the two supercilliary ridges and it is slightly depressed [2]
  • Database of genotypes and Phenotypes dbgap [6]
  • this is a before and after focused on what is possible in the Glabella utilizing botox and restylane [7]
  • Glabella creates a rounded protrusion in adult males and is generally flat in children as well as adult females [3]
  • Consultant plastic surgeon taimur shoaib demonstrates the techniques used when injecting botox into the Glabella region of the face [4]
  • Clinically the skin overlying the Glabella can be used to measure dehydration in a patient [2]
  • Gene expression omnibus geo profiles [6]
  • Skin aging - medlineplus health information [6]
  • Petrosquamous suture [1]
  • Send Us feedback . [8]
  • Eyebrow height was measured at midpupillary line a outer edge b and medial canthus c [6]
  • Superior orbital fissure [1]
  • Nervous system [3]

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