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  • Without the stiff resistance of the 21 Sikh soldiers at Saragarhi both Fort lockhart and Fort Gulistan would have easily fallen to the enemy [5]
  • Saragarhi was a communication relay post between Fort lockhart and Fort Gulistan also known as Fort cavagnari in the sulaiman range of the nwfp [5]
  • He and 166 of his men from the 36 Sikhs along with his family were stationed at Fort Gulistan during the uprising of 1897 when Saragarhi fell. [3]
  • As he watched from Fort lockhart haughton counted at least 14 enemy standards each representing 1 000 tribesmen facing the 21 Sikh soldiers [5]
  • Six years before the battle of Saragarhi an officer from australiaโ€™s queensland defence force had joined the 36 Sikh regiment of the bengal infantry. [3]
  • Sikh soldiers fought on behalf of the british indian army against pashtun orakzai tribesmen [1]
  • He and the Sikh soldiers who fended off the siege are still fondly remembered as 'gulistan bahadurs' the brave men of Gulistan [3]
  • Two of the forts were Fort lockhart on the samana range of the hindu kush mountains and Fort Gulistan sulaiman range situated a few miles apart [1]
  • Siege of Fort Gulistan and the australian connection [3]
  • Defenders of Fort Gulistan with two soldiers of the 36th Sikhs [5]
  • Australian Sikh hawkers [5]
  • Sikhs such as sundar Singh and harnam Singh who acted in the defence of Gulistan were named and recognised [3]
  • Australian Sikh heritage [5]
  • Resources downloads the australian Sikh heritage reading list sikhi faith and followers links [5]
  • Australian Sikh farmers [5]

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Singh at

  • Four in the inner building and Sepoy gurmukh Singh At the signaling tower [5]
  • Monument to havildar ishar Singh At his birth place. village jordhan tehsil raikot d ist ludhiana punjab. photo taken by rupinder Singh sran [5]
  • Monument to havildar ishar Singh At his birth place.village jordhan tehsil raikot dist ludhiana taken by rupinder Singh sran [5]

Saragarhi day

  • Is a Sikh military commemoration Day celebrated on 12 september every year to commemorate the Battle of Saragarhi [1]
  • All units of the Sikh regiment celebrate Saragarhi Day every year as the regimental Battle honours Day [1]
  • In the uk [1]


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