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  • Over the next several weeks ferocious Japanese resistance inflicted heavy casualties on U.s [9]
  • As well the people of the northern mariana Islands are refered to as na Us citizen [8]
  • Joeten-kiyu public library jkpl of the state library of the commonwealth of the northern mariana Islands is in susupe Saipan [1]
  • Japan considered Saipan to be part of the last line of defenses for the Japanese homeland and thus had strongly committed to defending it [1]
  • On the latter date qualified residents of the northern mariana Islands became U.s [2]
  • At Saipan the Island nearest to Japan U.s [9]
  • Marines stormed the beaches of the strategically significant Japanese Island of Saipan with a goal of gaining a crucial air base from which the U.s [9]
  • Saipan served as headquarters of the u.s.-administered united nations trust territory of the pacific Islands from 1962 to 1986 [5]
  • Aquasmith - american chamorro Japanese dive instructors dive shop located in Garapan across from dfs [2]
  • Troops fought to remove Japanese garrisons established on a pair of u.s.-owned Islands west of alaska [9]
  • In the battle of the aleutian Islands june 1942-august 1943 during world war ii 1939-45 U.s [9]
  • With Japanese troops stationed in this section of the solomon Islands U.s [9]
  • In intensive fighting U.s forces gradually drove the Japanese defense from their nearly impregnable position in the heights [9]
  • Island one of the mariana Islands and part of the northern mariana Islands commonwealth of the united states in the western pacific ocean [5]
  • Saipan northern mariana Islands this U.s [7]

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Saipan international

  • Travel to and from the Island is available from several airlines via Saipan International airport [1]
  • Airport spn is located in the southeast corner of the Island [2]
  • School as lito [1]
  • Airport [1]

Saipan was

  • Militarily and economically Saipan Was one of the most important Islands in nanyo and became the center of subsequent Japanese settlement [1]
  • After the spanish american war of 1898 Saipan Was occupied by the united States [1]
  • Under spanish sovereignty from 1565 to 1899 and came under german rule from 1899 to 1914 [5]
  • A major part of the plot in the tom clancy novel debt of honor [1]

Saipan northern

  • Mariana Islands this U.s [7]
  • Mariana Islands [1]

Saipan -

  • Dive Saipan - korean dive shop [2]
  • Student encyclopedia ages 11 and up [5]

Saipan southern

  • Hs [1]
  • High school koblerville [1]

Saipan became

  • After the end of world war ii Saipan Became part of the trust territory of the pacific Islands administered by the united States [1]
  • An important U.s [5]

Saipan the

  • At Saipan The Island nearest to Japan U.s [9]
  • Quick facts about Saipan The capital of The Northern Mariana Islands [8]
  • After having failed to stop The american landing on Saipan The Japanese army retreated to mount tapotchau The mountain peak that dominates The Island [9]
  • American commanders decided to make The first Mariana landing on Saipan The largest of The Mariana Islands [9]

Island is

  • Travel to and from the Island Is available from several airlines via Saipan international airport [1]
  • Since the entire Island Is organized as a single municipality most publications designate Saipan as the commonwealth's capital [1]
  • One of the classic adventures on Island Is a bike tour done by marianas trekking up on the north coast [2]

Island of

  • Marines stormed the beaches Of the strategically significant Japanese Island Of Saipan with a goal Of gaining a crucial air base from which the U.s [9]
  • Marine corps troops descended on the pacific Island Of okinawa for a final push towards more [9]
  • Citizens have found a loophole in the pacific on the Island Of Saipan [7]
  • This world war ii clash followed the allied landing at the philippine Island Of leyte in october 1944 [9]

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