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  • Jodie Foster as Nell kellty [5]
  • It's unclear if discovery's order for Raising Wild influenced the browns and park slope to move alaskan bush people to this part of Washington [3]
  • There is also the matter of the hines family living in the same remote county of Washington where the brown family established their ranch [3]
  • Bolt traveled to Indonesia with wyman australian biologist simon robson and writer glen chilton in january [4]
  • Production took place in North carolina including the town of robbinsville and the city of charlotte [5]
  • Liam Neeson as dr [5]
  • Liam Neeson natasha richardson richard libertini and nick searcy are featured in supporting roles [5]
  • Films shot in North carolina [5]
  • In 1981 an entomologist named adam messer searched and found it on three islands in Indonesia on an archipelago called the north moluccas [4]
  • Films set in North carolina [5]
  • When violet kellty who had an undiagnosed stroke dies in her isolated cabin in the North carolina mountains dr [5]
  • By all accounts the hines family set roots in Washington before the browns did [3]
  • Foster received widespread praise for her performance [5]
  • Sheriff todd peterson shows Jerry a News clipping that Nell was conceived through rape [5]
  • Nell is a 1994 american drama film directed by michael apted from a screenplay written by william nicholson [5]

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  • Washington
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  • Afghanistan

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Nell received

  • Mixed reviews from critics who praised the cast but criticised the screenplay [5]
  • Limited release on december 16 1994 before expanding into wide release on december 23 [5]

Nell is

  • A 1994 american drama Film directed by michael apted from a screenplay written by william nicholson [5]
  • Curious of the visitor at first but when he snaps a photo the flash frightens Nell [5]

Nell at

  • The tcm movie database [5]
  • Rotten tomatoes [5]

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