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  • Paul Ego birth name Paul jones is a billy t award winning New zealand comedian [1]
  • Paul Ego is an entertaining Mc that gets the crowd engaged and laughing right from the start [6]
  • Paul Ego was the Mc for the asb great debate 2013 between accountants and lawyers [6]
  • If you are looking for a professional and entertaining Mc for any event then Paul Ego should be your first choice. kirsty burnett event manager [6]
  • Paul Ego's voice may be One of the most recognisable in New zealand [2]
  • Ego has been working in the New zealand Comedy scene since 1995 and has featured on radio shows for morefm and the rock [2]
  • Paul is easily the best Mc i have seen in action [6]
  • I would recommend Paul for any Mc role in the future [6]
  • One night for child cancer - Mc - 26 june 2014 [6]
  • Comedy host compere Mc keynote speaker live performance host panellist speech writer [6]
  • New zealand people stubs [1]
  • Ego’s first gig was in london in 1994 and upon returning to New zealand in 1995 he soon became a regular sight on the pro-comedy skyline [1]
  • Many thanks to Paul Ego who superbly mc’d the two sold-out gala dinner events headlined by andre agassi last month [6]
  • Please pass on a huge thanks to Paul for the mc’ing & Comedy set he did at our national conference [6]
  • Comedian Mc tv personality [6]

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Paul ego's

  • Voice may be One of the most recognisable in New zealand [2]
  • Top 5 Comedy festival picks [6]
  • Radio reviews [1]
  • Set went down especially well with the crowd and made up most of the evening's entertainment [6]

Paul has

  • A torpedo dick but he is so fat that his gut covers it and makes it look small [3]
  • A highly infectious disease called swamp taint [3]
  • Experienced a fuckton of interesting and crazy shit throughout this life [3]

Paul is

  • Easily the best Mc i have seen in action [6]
  • A fan of rpg games Like mass effect [3]
  • Known to be One of the ugliest man in the known universe [3]
  • A pleasure to work with and adds appropriate well thought out humour that appeals to a wide variety of his audience [6]
  • By frequent admission of tj Paul Is very well spoken and articulate in the videos he actually has uploaded [3]
  • Religiously devoted to calling pancakes 'flapjacks' [3]
  • A certified brett keane historian [3]
  • Possibly responsible for the murder of a trucker's wife [3]
  • Into clopping aka slapping two horse hooves against his cock [3]
  • A total professional who had us in tears of laughter [6]
  • So fat that he Is considered a four dimensional object [3]

Paul grew

  • At the age of 20 Paul Grew a big fucking cyst on his butt cheeks this was revealed on drunken peasants episode 154 [3]
  • Up with five sisters [3]

Paul parkey

  • Was born on 1980 at madera California [3]
  • Paul's Ego real name Paul Parkey is the drunken peasants pet bitch boy and manatee enthusiast [3]

Paul as

  • We have a long standing relationship with Paul As the voice of stickman so he was top of the list to host the 2019 fcb drafties awards [6]
  • Talent isn’t always the most reliable of mystical elements but i would have no hesitation endorsing Paul As a host or contributor to be counted on [6]

One of

  • Paul Ego's voice may be One Of the most recognisable in New zealand [2]
  • Ben hosted a draw ugly Paul's Ego contest as One Of the first dp art competitions [3]
  • Paul is known to be One Of the ugliest man in the known universe [3]
  • A lot Of People came up to me thanking us for bringing him over as he is One Of their favourites. [6]
  • I was just One Of many voice artists who turned up to this audition when pak'n save was looking for a New direction 10 years ago [2]
  • This combined with her razor sharp wit and biting commentary make justine One Of the funniest People you're likely to meet [4]
  • Them is my shirts [5]
  • I think One Of the things that's kept 7 days going is we haven't really changed that much [2]
  • So yeah perhaps that's probably One Of the reasons that it has lasted so long is that we haven't made massive changes [2]
  • That's One Of the strengths Of it [5]

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