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  • Muscat the capital of Oman was named the second best city to visit in the world in 2012 by the travel guide publisher lonely planet [2]
  • Oman is a country situated in southwest asia bordering the arabian sea gulf of Oman and persian gulf between Yemen and the united arab emirates uae [4]
  • Muscat is also the political center of Oman which is considered a absolute monarchy and home to its executive head of state [1]
  • British national archive file 8 67 Muscat state affairs Muscat Oman treaty [2]
  • Oman receives little rainfall with annual rainfall in Muscat averaging 100mm 3.9in falling mostly in january [2]
  • British national archive Muscat and Oman internal affairs history [2]
  • At a latitudinal coordinate of 16ยฐ39' n the southernmost point of the country lies along the coastline that Oman shares with Yemen [3]
  • Oman shares land borders with 3 countries saudi arabia Yemen united arab emirates [1]
  • In 1854 a deed of cession of the Omani kuria muria islands to britain was signed by the sultan of Muscat and the british government [2]
  • Oman's imam sultan defeated ruler of Muscat was granted sovereignty over gwadar [2]
  • An ottoman fleet captured Muscat in 1552 during the fight for control of the persian gulf and the indian ocean [2]
  • Oman is among the very few arab countries that have maintained friendly ties with Iran [2]
  • Muscat is the capital city of Oman [1]
  • Quick facts about Muscat the capital of Oman [1]
  • In december 2013 a yemeni national disappeared in Oman after he was arrested at a checkpoint in dhofar governorate [2]

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  • Oman on a large wall Map Of asia [7]
  • Central america [7]
  • Asia [7]
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Oman has

  • Been ruled by the Omani Al said family since 1744 [9]
  • Four unesco World heritage sites [9]
  • Four main extreme points in each of the cardinal directions [3]
  • One of the few green turtle reserves in ras Al jinz in Al sharqiya region eastern Oman [9]
  • Competed repeatedly for a position in the fifa World cup but have yet qualified to compete in the tournament [2]
  • Central Oman Has its own indigenous samad late iron age cultural assemblage named eponymously from samad al-shan [2]
  • Tourism in Oman Has grown considerably recently and it is expected to be one of the largest industries in the Country [2]
  • According to kรถppen climate classification Oman Has three different climates bwh bsk bsh and is dominated by bwh [4]
  • Although private ownership of radio and television stations is permitted Oman Has only one privately owned television channel [2]
  • Since 1970 Oman Has pursued a moderate foreign policy and Has expanded its diplomatic relations dramatically [2]
  • In terms of the share of children who receive key vaccines Oman Has consistently scored very high above 99 percent since 1995 [2]

Oman also

  • Maintains a modestly sized paramilitary force of 4 400 men [2]
  • Has 4 a202-18 bravos and 8 mfi-17b mushshaqs [2]
  • Had at least four landing craft [2]
  • Hosts tennis tournaments in different age divisions each year [2]

Oman -

  • Student encyclopedia ages 11 and up [8]
  • Market overview us 2018 [2]
  • Children's encyclopedia ages 8-11 [8]

Oman hosted

  • The asian 2011 fifa beach soccer World cup qualifiers where 11 teams competed for three spots at the fifa World cup [2]
  • The men's and women's 2012 beach handball World championships at the millennium resort in mussanah from 8 to 13 july [2]

Oman became

  • In 1981 Oman Became a founding member of the six-nation gulf cooperation council [2]
  • An independent state in 1741 after gaining its sovereignty from portugal [1]

Oman natural

  • Resources [7]
  • Hazards [7]

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