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  • Cnn's Chris Cuomo bashed Fox News host tucker carlson for comments he made last Week on the effect immigration has on the U.s [5]
  • Trump mocks cnn’s Chris Cuomo over viral video ‘i thought Chris was Fredo also’ [1]
  • New york ap when Cnn gave Chris Cuomo its 9 p.m [8]
  • Share all sharing options for the viral video of Chris Cuomo going berserk over being called Fredo explained [7]
  • Cnn&aposs Chris Cuomo seen in unverified video cursing at man who apparently called him &aposfredo&apos [1]
  • Trump slams Chris Cuomo's nsfw 'fredo' rant 'filthy language and a total loss of control' [6]
  • Trump posted one tweet saying i thought Chris was Fredo also .. [7]
  • Chris Cuomo gets heated after heckler calls him 'fredo' [1]
  • Cuomo who is the son of former New york gov [6]
  • Others challenged Cuomo's claim that Fredo is a slur. [6]
  • Mario Cuomo and brother to the current New york governor andrew Cuomo has not publicly addressed the footage yet. [6]
  • Hey @chriscuomo take it from me Fredo isn’t the n word for italians it just means you’re the dumb brother [7]
  • More Fox News host shepard smith says another mass shooting will 'happen yet again in america' [6]
  • During a heated bar confrontation the Cnn host said getting called Fredo was like the n-word. [7]
  • I’m an anchor on Cnn the television host said during the nsfw video that was shared on twitter. [6]

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Cuomo is

  • Chris Cuomo Is out of control [1]
  • Not doing it with the type of talk that has worked for Cnn in the past [2]
  • Less focused on beating rivals says buck and more interested in his own program [2]

Cuomo prime

  • Program Cuomo Prime time has become the most-watched Show on the at&t-owned cable-news network [2]
  • Social Media users also unearthed footage ofpolitical commentatorana navarro using the term on Cuomo Prime time in january [6]
  • Cnn’s most-watched program during july was Cuomo Prime time which finished no [1]
  • Time [2]

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