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  • Keywords global ideas environment Africa Kenya cut Flowers pollution [4]
  • A study from britain’s cranfield university looked into the carbon footprint of Rose farms in the Netherlands and Kenya [1]
  • Dw business Africa 23.09.2019 [4]
  • Dw business Africa 24.09.2019 [4]
  • Known as the flower bed of Africa the area north of the country's capital nairobi exports cut Roses carnations and other blooms around the world [4]
  • Kenya is one of the world's biggest exporters of cut Flowers [4]
  • Welcome to the latest edition of eco Africa 27.09.2019 [4]
  • Most of the Flowers are purchased in Germany and the united kingdom [4]
  • Let’s talk climate change in Africa 24.09.2019 [4]
  • Kenya is the world's fourth largest exporter of cut Flowers [4]
  • Africa on the move [4]
  • Speaking of Roses kenyan grown ones are especially popular in the european union where a third are bought [4]
  • Looking at it in another sense the production of all those kenyan Roses is the same as driving your car for almost 10 daysnon-stop [1]
  • Related subjects environment Kenya pollution [4]
  • Although outside of the eu kenyan Flowers are also a favorite in the us and russia [4]

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