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  • Ceremonies in New york Pennsylvania and Washington d.c. marked the anniversary of the september 11 2001 terror attacks [6]
  • 9 11 attacks on New york and Washington d.c [2]
  • Within minutes the faa issued a warning that an aircraft over Pennsylvania Flight 93 had been hijacked and was now on a course towards Washington d.c [4]
  • He and other passengers had learned of the attacks in New york and Washington after placing calls to loved ones [5]
  • When they learned the fate of the three other hijacked flights in New york city and Washington d.c [2]
  • At 10 03 11 near indian lake and shanksville Pennsylvania the Plane crashed into a field near a reclaimed coal strip mine known as the diamond t [1]
  • A third Plane american airlines Flight 77 hit the western side of the pentagon just outside Washington d.c [2]
  • United airlines Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania [2]
  • Just before 10 a.m. security officials in Washington d.c. began a frantic evacuation at the U.s [4]
  • On august 9 2007 a portion of u.s.219 in somerset county near the Flight 93 national memorial was co-signed as the Flight 93 memorial highway [1]
  • On 9 11 Al qaeda leader calls for attacks on u.s. [6]
  • Neads called the Washington air route traffic control center for an update on flight93 and received notification that the Flight had crashed [1]
  • As the revolt began and the hijackers started maneuvering the Plane violently the Plane left its Washington d.c [1]
  • A national design competition was held to create a public memorial in the Pennsylvania field where flight93 crashed [1]
  • National commission on terrorist attacks upon The united states [1]

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Flight 11

  • Atta was on board american Airlines Flight 11 -- the aircraft that hit the world trade center's north tower [4]
  • Just four minutes after Flight 93 departed hijacked Flight 11 struck the north tower of the world trade center [9]
  • American Airlines Flight 11 hijacked [2]
  • 1962 [1]

Flight 93’s

  • Intended target is not known but it is believed that the Hijackers were targeting the white house the U.s [2]
  • Passengers fight back [2]

Flight 175

  • By 09 02 one minute before Flight 175 hit the south tower Flight 93 reached its cruising altitude of 35 000 feet 11 000m [1]
  • At 9 03 a.m. a second hijacked Plane Flight 175 hit the south tower [9]
  • 2001 [1]

Flight from

  • Seven crew members assigned to Flight 93 began to prepare for the early morning non-stop Flight From newark new jersey to san francisco california [9]
  • Newark to san francisco which still uses a boeing 757 but it is now Flight 497 [1]

Flight attendant

  • Ceecee lyles called her husband at 09 47 57 and left him a message saying the Plane had been hijacked [1]
  • Screaming and yelling. Flight Attendant sandra bradshaw called her husband at 09 50 04 and told him she was heating water to throw at the Hijackers [1]
  • Sandra bradshaw called the maintenance facility at 09 35 40 from row33 [1]

93 national

  • On august 9 2007 a portion of u.s.219 in somerset county near the Flight 93 National memorial was co-signed as the Flight 93 memorial highway [1]
  • Flight 93 National memorial campaign official website [1]
  • Flight 93 National memorial [1]


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