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  • Shukracharya was the advisor of Kerala king Mahabali and vishnu took vamana avatar to kill him [9]
  • Balija's Bali ja born = balija of south India claim that they are descendants of the king Bali [1]
  • Mahabali iast mahābalī devanagari महाबली also known as māveli was a benevolent asura king and the grandson of Prahlada [6]
  • This name refers to shukracharya the mentor of the asuras -the political adviser of Mahabali the king of Kerala [9]
  • 2 Mahabali mahabali or Bali was the daitya king and his capital was the present day state of Kerala [7]
  • Onam is observed by all malayalees as the return of the pious Mahabali to Kerala [6]
  • This despite Mahabali being kashyapa’s great-grandson from her own sister diti indian mythological families are on a whole other plane of complicated [4]
  • Mahabali is worshipped even in tulunadu which consists of coastal region of karnataka and northern Kerala [1]
  • Bali is also associated with Kerala where all keralites celebrate onam [1]
  • First of all the history of Kerala does not record a king called Mahabali [10]
  • Today people in Kerala do not even know of pazashi raja- he is unknown even in Kerala leave alone the rest of India [9]
  • Parashurama created this racists system in Kerala 6000 years ago [9]
  • Parashurama created conditions in Kerala so that namboodiris were very powerful as a clan [9]
  • Because of this both the asura king Mahabali and lord vishnu as vamana are welcomed by the keralites during onam [10]
  • Lord vishnu seeing the devotion of Mahabali blessed him to be the indra of the next manvantra [1]

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