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  • When i tell them Florida there is an obvious look of impatience and dissatisfaction [2]
  • Yes i was born a Us citizen because Puerto rico is a territory of the Us and every puerto rican is a Us citizen [6]
  • I am from the land of love and poetry the woods that cover every hill in North carolina the cosmic dust that came spinning out of nowhere [2]
  • Yes i am from North carolina and iran and Florida [2]
  • I get the question from both sides from other white americans and from members of the muslim community both in the united states and abroad [6]
  • Is the american dream expansive enough to include all of Us or is it ultimately a white anglo-saxon dream [2]
  • American English seems to have used it first - it became more common there in about 1965 but not until about 1984 in british English [7]
  • Where are you from what languages do you speak what do you like to do when you travel write to Us by email or in the comments section [5]
  • Asking where are you really from seems like an innocuous segue but it's veiled racism [6]
  • I live in a part of North carolina where many people move to from out of town [2]
  • When we as people of color are asked that question it sounds different because it is different [2]
  • Tell Us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities [4]
  • I think that some people could get offended but more because they are on the defensive not because the question is mean or racist [6]
  • Book loft columbus oh [4]
  • Chat with Us in facebook messenger [8]

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  • Florida
  • Us
  • Puerto rico
  • North carolina
  • America
  • New york
  • Oregon
  • California
  • San francisco
  • The united states

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  • Columbus oh [4]
  • Great barrington ma [4]


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