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  • About two-fifths of the northern Marianas population is native-born small numbers come from Guam The united states or nearby Island states [4]
  • In 1944 The united states captured the Mariana Islands chain from japan the northern Mariana Islands were desired by the U.s [1]
  • Guam was ceded to The united states following the spanish-american war 1898 and the northern Marianas were sold to germany in 1899 [6]
  • Team sports popular in The united states were introduced to the northern Mariana Islands by american soldiers during world war ii [3]
  • He landed on Guam the southernmost Island of the Marianas and claimed the archipelago for spain [3]
  • Guam & northern Marianas from [1]
  • Guam has retained a different political character from the northern Marianas since this time [1]
  • 5550 the united states-commonwealth of the northern Marianas human dignity act [3]
  • Northern Marianas college is accredited by the western association of schools and colleges and offers a range of programs similar to other small U.s [3]
  • Saipan the largest of the northern Mariana Islands has an area of 115.4 square kilometers [2]
  • Though the northern marianasconsists of 15 Islands in total the most popular are saipan tinian and rota [2]
  • In 1947 the northern Mariana Islands became part of the post world war ii united nations trust territory of the pacific Islands ttpi [3]
  • Climb or drive to saipan’s highest peak once a wwii outpost for the japanese and see nearly all the Islands of the northern Marianas at once [2]
  • Many people on the northern Mariana Islands are roman catholic or have traditional beliefs. according to the pew research center 2010 [3]
  • Bush on may 25 2007 resulted in stepped increases in the northern marianas' minimum wage which allowed it to reach the U.s [3]

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