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  • Before its destruction the World Trade Center was a new york city icon and the twin towers were the centerpiece that represented the entire complex [1]
  • Five World Trade Center office towers will be a large part of the redevelopment of downtown manhattan and transform new york city's skyline [6]
  • Two of the planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in new york city a more [2]
  • Nonetheless the World Trade Center's structural engineers ended up following draft versions of new york city's new 1968 building codes [1]
  • Hijackers used jet airliners as weapons and rammed them into new york city's World Trade Center and the pentagon [2]
  • A new Tower at 7 World Trade Center opened in 2006 [2]
  • One of the World's largest gold depositories was located underneath the World Trade Center owned by a group of commercial banks [1]
  • In 1987 construction was completed on a 47-floor office building 7 World Trade Center located to the north of the superblock [1]
  • During its existence the World Trade Center was one of the major icons of new york city [1]
  • Privatizing the World Trade Center would add it to the city's tax rolls and provide funds for other port authority projects [1]
  • In addition to the twin towers the plan for the World Trade Center complex included four other low-rise buildings which were built in the early 1970s [1]
  • Did you know more than 10 000 workers were involved in building the World Trade Center complex [2]
  • Other buildings in the complex included the marriott World Trade Center 3 wtc 4 wtc 5 wtc 6 wtc and 7 wtc [1]
  • On september 11 2001 7 World Trade Center began to collapse with the crumbling of the east penthouse it collapsed completely at 5 21p.m [1]
  • Construction of the north Tower at one World Trade Center began in 1966 with the south Tower at two World Trade Center [1]

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Center office

  • Five World Trade Center Office Towers will be a large part of the redevelopment of downtown manhattan and transform New york City's skyline [6]
  • Vietinbank business Center Office Tower [1]

Center is

  • Day or night the New World Trade Center Is alive with energy & excitement [7]
  • Bigger. bolder. better than ever. the revitalized World Trade Center Is manhattanโ€™s New Center of gravity a vision of tomorrow realized today [7]
  • Cbs one World Trade Center Is attacked [2]

World financial

  • Shanghai World Financial Center [1]
  • Tianjin World Financial Center [1]
  • Chongqing World Financial Center [1]

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