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  • Contrary to what some may be saying America is already Great and it always has been [1]
  • In the midst of election season ellen reminded her audience why America is already Great [3]
  • Still America is one of the most unique countries in the history of the world [5]
  • Truman America was not built on fear [1]
  • Oh and add the freedom to marry whomever you please and this list of the best things about America is looking pretty long [5]
  • America was built on courage on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand. [1]
  • Given the long list of Great things about America below that doesn't seem like too lofty of a statement [5]
  • List rules vote up what you believe to be the greatest things about America [5]
  • They had a wholly original concept from which was borne the united states of America [4]
  • 'pawsicles' is a San Antonio company that Makes paletas for dogs [1]
  • America achieved its greatness and continues to demonstrate its greatness by being a mosaic of different cultures [1]
  • Eu Makes appeal to us let's avoid another tariff war [1]
  • Condoleezza rice the essence of America that which really unites us is not ethnicity or nationality or religion [1]

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