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  • Uniform Civil Code is just an effort to bring rest of the non hindu sections of society into the fray [1]
  • Uniform Civil Code is essential for national harmony objections to it are spurious [10]
  • According to them the judiciary recommending a Uniform Civil Code was evidence that hindu values would be imposed over every indian [1]
  • India is thus among the nations that legally apply the sharia law [1]
  • India was then in the throes of the shah bano case and it was in this context that rao mouthed these unacceptable words [4]
  • Goa is the only state in India which has a Uniform Civil Code [1]
  • Sarvardharma's stand is that a common Civil Code shouldn't be imposed on indian indigenous peoples which would ruin their ways of life altogether [1]
  • Uniform Civil Code [1]
  • Sarvadharma a hinduthva organization for indigenous peoples of India based out of chennai has opposed Uniform Civil Code [1]
  • No doubt the fight for a Uniform indian Civil Code will be long hard and controversial but it needs to be done for the betterment of indian women [8]
  • Uniform Civil Code law commission invites detailed submissions [10]
  • Uniform Civil Code neither necessary nor desirable law panel [10]
  • Goa has a common family law thus being the only indian state to have a Uniform Civil Code [1]
  • Law panel unlikely to submit report on Uniform Civil Code [10]
  • India not ready for a Uniform Civil Code [4]

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