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  • Much of what is now Minnesota was part of the vast french holding of louisiana which was purchased by the united states in 1803 [2]
  • Minnesota is a State in the upper midwest great lakes and northern regions of the united states [2]
  • Another nickname for the State is the land of 10 000 lakes. Minnesota has over 15 000 lakes however [3]
  • Minnesota is the only State in the nation that did not vote for ronald reagan in either of his presidential runs [2]
  • Minnesota is an important dairy State it is one of the leading producers of milk in the country [3]
  • With 86 943 square miles 225 180km or approximately 2.25% of the united states Minnesota is the 12th-largest State [2]
  • Notwithstanding dramatic local differences in elevation much of the State is a gently rolling peneplain [2]
  • Minnesota is located near the geographic center of North america [3]
  • Minnesota is also known as the bread and butter State because of its numerous flourmills and butter-making plants [3]
  • As of 2008 Minnesota was ranked 12th in the nation in per capita total State and local taxes [2]
  • As with the federal government of the united states power in Minnesota is divided into three branches executive legislative and judicial [2]
  • Another well-known nickname for Minnesota is land of 10 000 lakes featured on the u.s [1]
  • Minnesota is the 12th largest in area and the 22nd most populous of the u.s [2]
  • One slightly less obvious reason why Minnesota is an incredible place to view the northern lights our abundance of inland lakes [5]
  • Minnesota is also a large producer of corn and soybeans and has the most food cooperatives per capita in the united states [2]

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Minnesota state

  • Guide from the library of congress [2]
  • Four additional schools in the State compete in ncaa division i ice hockey the university of Minnesota duluth Minnesota State university mankato St [2]
  • Song [3]
  • Archives [6]
  • Demographic center [2]
  • Capitol [6]
  • Highway map [2]
  • Nickname [1]

Minnesota has

  • Another nickname for the State is the land of 10 000 lakes. Minnesota Has over 15 000 lakes however [3]
  • A progressive income tax structure the four brackets of State income tax rates are 5.35 7.05 7.85 and 9.85 percent [2]
  • In addition Minnesota Has set aside more area than any other State for the protection and preservation of game animals [3]
  • While Minnesota Has chosen not to implement school vouchers it is home to the first charter school [2]
  • Also been called the gopher State and the bread and butter state. [1]
  • Some of the earth's oldest rocks gneisses that are about 3.6 billion years old 80% as old as the planet [2]
  • The country's largest somali population with an estimated 57 000 people the largest concentration outside of the horn of africa [2]
  • The nation's largest population of timber wolves outside alaska and supports healthy populations of black bears moose and gophers [2]
  • Although christianity is dominant Minnesota Has a long History with non-christian faiths [2]
  • An active program of organized amateur and professional sports [2]

Minnesota was

  • Much of what is now Minnesota Was part of the vast french holding of louisiana which Was purchased by the united states in 1803 [2]
  • As of 2008 Minnesota Was ranked 12th in the nation in per capita total State and local taxes [2]
  • Famous for its soft-ore mines which produced a significant portion of the world's iron ore for over a century [2]
  • Admitted as the 32nd u.s [2]

Minnesota became

  • Thousands of people had come to build farms and cut timber and Minnesota Became the 32nd u.s [2]
  • On october 1 2007 Minnesota Became the 17th State to enact the freedom to breathe act a statewide smoking ban in restaurants and bars [2]
  • The 32nd State in 1858 [1]
  • A center of technology after world war ii [2]

North star

  • Some people call Minnesota the North Star State because of the translation of the french motto l'etoile De nord that's on the State seal [3]
  • State [7]
  • Of texas writing project [7]
  • Academy of performing arts [7]
  • Diamonds inc [7]
  • Academy [7]
  • Roller girls [7]
  • Camp [7]
  • Leadership group [7]
  • Circle [6]
  • Community credit union [7]

North suburban

  • Medical center [7]
  • Symphonic band [7]
  • Concert band [7]
  • Family network [7]
  • Mass transit district [7]
  • Mathematics league [7]
  • Builders association [7]
  • Junior tennis association [7]
  • Library system [7]
  • Cardiology group [7]
  • Sports car club [7]

North pacific

  • Ocean [7]
  • Current [7]

North state

  • Cooperative library system [7]
  • Symphony [7]
  • Building industry association [7]

North sulawesi

  • Watersports association [7]
  • International choir competition [7]
  • Tourism promotion board [7]

North sea

  • Gas [7]
  • Oil [7]

North ossetian

  • Autonomous republic [7]
  • Republic [7]

North staffs

  • Users group [7]
  • Health and safety group [7]

North polar

  • Distance [7]
  • Region [7]

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