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  • Sadfishing is when someone uses their emotional problems to hook an audience on the internet [5]
  • Sadfishing is a growing behavioural trend where People make exaggerated claims about their emotional problems to generate sympathy the heads say [1]
  • Sadfishing is part of a social media trend where someone uses emotional problems to hook an audience [4]
  • Is that an amazing piece of honesty about the struggle to stay sane in the modern age or is it Sadfishing [5]
  • This latest toxic social media trend is known as Sadfishing [3]
  • Talking about your achievements is considered to be showing off [5]
  • I got a lot of People commenting on and ‘liking’ my post but then some People said i was Sadfishing the next day at school for attention [2]
  • Everything about how the proactiv campaign was teased was designed to make People speculate about what kendall’s big sadness might be [5]
  • Manchester city's women's team tell us why time away from the pitch is so important [5]
  • Is social media causing childhood depression [1]
  • Limited edition twirl orange is available to buy now [5]
  • Bbc worklife is this our most dangerous bias [1]
  • Rebecca reid and ashley james debate whether or not it is okay for celebrities to sadfish for comments and likes [4]
  • If you’re a supermodel and influencer from the hollywood hills then Sadfishing will make you money in sponcon [5]
  • Perhaps the right answer is to share your sadcontent without the filter to make it real rather than shareable [5]

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