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  • 7. Article 370 is drafted in amendment of the constitution section in part xxi under temporary and transitional provisions [5]
  • Proponents also argue the biggest advantage to revoking Article 370 is to open up property ownership to the rest of india. [8]
  • Article 370 is a constitutional provision that gave jammu and Kashmir its special status [8]
  • Art 370 is the only constitutional link between j&k & rest of India [5]
  • 5. Article 370 was eventually drafted by gopalaswami ayyangar [5]
  • Article 370 was designed to protect those rights [1]
  • India's constitution is a federal structure [1]
  • Background the constituent assembly of jammu and Kashmir was elected in 1951 and convened on 31 october 1951 [1]
  • Last month a senior bjp leader hinted that the government was planning to form exclusive hindu settlements in the region [4]
  • Some of these presidential orders were issued when the State was under president's rule and had no Kashmir government at all states jill cottrell [1]
  • Why is the indian government revoking Article 370 [6]
  • Under Article 370 the indian parliament cannot increase or reduce the borders of the State [5]
  • 272 under Article 370 superseding the 1954 order [1]
  • Home minister amit shah also moved a resolution recommending that the president issue an order rendering all clauses of Article 370 inoperative [1]
  • Modi argued in his speech days after the decision that Article 370 did not give anything except separatism corruption terrorism and family rule [8]

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India said

  • Really though the movement of self-determination is an essential part of understanding the relationship between Kashmir and India Said vijayan. [8]
  • This is a straightforward pandering to the hindu-majority electorate in India Said ajai shukla a defence analyst in new delhi. [4]


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