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  • A Scrum is most commonly awarded when the ball is knocked forward or passed forward or when a ball becomes trapped in a ruck or maul [4]
  • If the ball is held up at a maul the Scrum is awarded to the team not in possession when the maul started [4]
  • In Rugby union a Scrum is a means of restarting play after a minor infringement [4]
  • Only these players may play in the front row when the Scrum is contested and only in their designated position s [1]
  • This is mainly for safety reasons because if a Scrum is not conducted properly there is a greater chance of injury [4]
  • A Scrum is awarded in a number of situations [4]
  • If a team is without sufficient specialist front row players for example because of injury or sin-binning all scrums may be Uncontested scrums [4]
  • If the Scrum is acceptable then the scrum-half must feed the ball into the Scrum without delay [4]
  • This is because a Scrum is defined in the laws of the game to only exist within the field of play and not within the in-goal [4]
  • Approximately 40% of the power of the Scrum is produced in the front row itself [4]
  • A player is deemed to be injured if [1]
  • At this point the ball is fed into the gap between the two forward packs and they both compete for the ball to win possession [4]
  • This seven man Scrum was very popular in new zealand until being outlawed in 1932 [4]
  • Only when no replacement front-row player is available is any other player permitted to play in the front row [1]
  • Replacements are made only when the ball is dead and only with the permission of the referee [1]

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