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  • Ninds is supporting Research on the development of stem cell lines for a number of neurodegenerative diseases including als [2]
  • Please note if no author information is provided the source is cited instead [3]
  • All information is kept confidential [2]
  • All ninds-prepared information is in the public domain and may be freely copied [2]
  • Where no family history of the Disease is present around 90% of cases no cause is known [4]
  • Although studies on military history and als frequency are inconsistent there is weak evidence for a positive correlation [4]
  • Als can be classified as familial or sporadic depending on whether or not there is a family history of the Disease [4]
  • Some also use the term motor neuron Disease for a group of conditions of which als is the most common [4]
  • Respiratory failure is the most common cause of death in als [4]
  • Nutritional support nutritional support is an important part of the care of People with als [2]
  • Speech therapy is useful when als begins to make it harder to talk [3]
  • Its mechanism of action in als is unknown [4]
  • C9orf72 is the most commonly mutated gene in als and causes motor neuron death through a number of mechanisms [4]
  • Weight loss in als is caused by muscle wasting due to motor neuron death increased resting energy expenditure and decreased food intake [4]
  • Continuous positive pressure is not recommended for People with als because it makes breathing more difficult [4]

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People of

  • All races and ethnic backgrounds May be affected by als but it is more common in whites than in africans asians or hispanics [4]
  • In 1945 american naval doctors reported that als was 100 times more prevalent among the chamorro People Of guam than in the rest Of the world [4]
  • About 80% Of als epidemiology studies have been conducted in europe and the united states mostly in People Of northern european descent [4]

People per

  • In europe the number of new cases a year is about 2.6 People Per 100 000 while the number affected is 7 9 People Per 100 000 [4]
  • In the united states in 2015 the prevalence of als in whites was 5.4 People Per 100 000 while the prevalence in blacks was 2.3 People Per 100 000 [4]

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