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  • Cops paid wendy Williams a visit to check on her after a random Caller alleged her Husband kevin hunter was poisoning the talk show host [2]
  • Police say those women got a Call from a man who claims that their Husband is having an affair with his wife [6]
  • If your Husband is as sweet as sugar this nickname makes perfect sense [7]
  • Wendy Williams cops investigated anonymous claim Husband was poisoning her [2]
  • I haven’t thought about what would be an appropriate designation for the Husband of a sir he said [5]
  • Bear is the perfect nickname for a big cuddly manly-man of a Husband [7]
  • A penguin is one of the cutest animals ever so it's absolutely fitting that your Husband be called a penguin [7]
  • As a result somewhat ironically aman married to a reigning british king is prohibited by statute from being called a queen [5]
  • I have dedicated most of our lives to the business empire that is wendy Williams hunter a person that i truly love and respect unconditionally. [4]
  • I Call my Husband brandon 'goat 'but it really is an acronym [7]
  • Cameron diaz has a super unique pet name for Husband benji madden [7]
  • He has broad shoulders and a handsomely thick beard [7]
  • I really only Call my Husband 'babe.' he calls me 'babe' as well. randi [7]
  • Police say the man gives a false name and called the women by their name and describes their husband's appearance [6]
  • One day i told my Husband greg that he was the best snuggler ever [7]

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