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  • A Creeler is a person who works in a textile manufacturing setting [8]
  • Which of the following is considered a plural form of syllabus [4]
  • While not always the case a Creeler may also need to repair or maintain the machines [8]
  • Is singular 'they' a better choice the awkward case of 'his or her' [4]
  • Dictionary entries near Creeler [4]
  • An angler who uses a creel in catching fish [1]
  • A dark tactic in internet democracy [4]
  • Statistics for Creeler [4]
  • He or she is responsible for tending to creeling machines which twist or wind textiles to create yarns or other combined materials [8]
  • Please set a username for yourself [6]
  • Pieces a company or person can perform [4]
  • A textile worker who tends the creel and other aspects of a yarn tufting or twisting machine or other kind of loom [6]
  • Calling in a new β€˜brigade’ a dark tactic in internet democracy [4]
  • Create a book [1]
  • Creeler plural creelers [1]

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