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  • Debate date the third Democratic Debate is taking place tonight thursday september 12 2019 [5]
  • Inslee dnc rejecting climate change Debate is 'extremely disappointing' [2]
  • Cnn is hosting this round of debates which will be simulcast on telemundo [6]
  • Can i watch the Democratic Debate on tv what Channel [9]
  • According to nbc News which is hosting the Debate candidates' podium placements will be based on polling. [8]
  • You’ll be able to scroll down to see what Channel any of those stations is on for you [5]
  • Where is the Debate being held [4]
  • Univision News will also livestream the Debate on its digital platforms including facebook youtube and periscope [1]
  • Kicking off the race to 2020 the first Democratic presidential Debate of the 2020 cycle will be held in miami on wednesday and thursday evening [8]
  • When is the next Democratic Debate [9]
  • Cbs News 2020 campaign reporter bo erickson joined cbsn from the campus with the latest on what students are saying ahead of the big night. [8]
  • Catch up on night one of the Debate [2]
  • In a Debate over differences these are the topics not discussed on night one [6]
  • This marks the first time that warren and biden will be on the Debate stage together [5]
  • Ten candidates will be on stage for the third Democratic primary Debate including joe biden and elizabeth warren [8]

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Debate candidates

  • Dnc Debate Candidates for june 26 [8]
  • Dnc Debate Candidates for june 27 [8]

Debate time

  • & channel [5]
  • The Debate will begin at 8 p.m [5]

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