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  • In Africa the Big five game animals are the lion leopard rhinoceros elephant and cape buffalo [1]
  • If you’ve gone on an African Safari chances are you’ve heard of the Big five the must-see list of iconic megafauna [2]
  • 6 days budget Big five Safari in kruger national park in south Africa [6]
  • 3 days Big five tented Safari kruger national park south Africa [6]
  • They are the only animals within the Big five that are not endangered or threatened [1]
  • Because of this they tend to be the most elusive and less seen out of the Big five animals when you go on a Safari [6]
  • On this post you’ll find interesting insights to help you have a better understanding of africa’s renowned Big five animals once and for all [6]
  • Conservation safaris endangered animals in Africa and what you can do to help [6]
  • However it was actually coined by Big game hunters who thought that these five African mammals were the most dangerous and most difficult to hunt [6]
  • Safari in south Africa addo & the garden route [6]
  • Africa's top 10 Safari animals and where to see them [3]
  • Africa's Big five have become major concerns for wildlife conservationists in recent years [1]
  • If you're planning an African Safari you'll know thatthe term 'big five' is one of the most commonly used marketing slogans in the Safari industry [3]
  • Our advice would be don’t speed past an elegant giraffe or beautiful cheetah to seek out an elephant just because it’s on your Big five check list [8]
  • As with the other Big five species leopards are threatened by humans [3]

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African animals

  • Fun facts about African Animals the cheetah [3]
  • Fun facts about African Animals the giraffe [3]
  • Fun facts about African Animals the hippo [3]

African wildlife

  • Though it may sound straightforward there are many misconceptions about the Five species of the African Wildlife included within the group [6]
  • Species are each incredible in their own way [8]

African elephant

  • There are actually 2 different species of the African Elephant the savannah Elephant and the forest Elephant both of which are fiercely poached [6]
  • As such the African Elephant is listed as vulnerableonthe iucn red list [3]

Africa the

  • In Africa The Big Five game Animals are The lion leopard rhinoceros Elephant and cape buffalo [1]
  • There are two species of rhino in Africa The black rhino diceros bicornis and The white rhino ceratotherium simum [3]
  • While The savannah elephants can be found in The savannah of Africa The forest elephants inhabit The rain forests of central and western Africa [6]


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