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  • Watch what Happens lyrics [4]
  • Now the band have shared what looks like a potential screenshot of a Video with the words Watch what Happens next. [1]
  • About Watch what Happens [4]
  • Watch what Happens track info [4]
  • I'm becoming what i've hated but your talk is so inviting [5]
  • Only Waterparks would use an announcement to tease an announcement [1]
  • Submit lyrics [3]
  • Frank sinatra lyrics [3]
  • Fans immediately began speculating what would happen later this evening with many hoping for a new track or music Video [1]
  • Waterparks are covering Duck tales guys ✨💕 https huj8zinyfs [1]
  • You can dive into more details behind Waterparks frontman awsten knight ‘s mind in the latest issue of alt press [1]
  • Waterparks @waterparks august 11 2019 [1]
  • Do you know the lyrics to social climb by idkhow [1]
  • Waterparks @waterparks august 10 2019 [1]
  • Fans were quick to pick up on the relevance of the Duck emoji because as we know this is Waterparks and nothing is accidental [1]

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Waterparks @waterparks

  • August 11 2019 [1]
  • August 10 2019 [1]


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