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  • No official announcement about the film was made until several months after baby Mcconnell was born [8]
  • In the new documentary ‘seahorse’ at the tribeca film festival trans man freddy Mcconnell chronicles his journey to carry and deliver his own child [8]
  • She had also set up a camera above the pool to capture an overhead shot of Mcconnell delivering his son [8]
  • As the baby crowns Mcconnell sits up in the pool and gives the final push receiving his son from between his legs as the pool fills with blood [8]
  • I hope it makes it seem real but also normal Mcconnell says of the scene [8]
  • Helping matters was the fact that Mcconnell carried his weight like many women expecting a boy do low and around the hips [8]
  • No Mcconnell laughs explaining that he’s taking the call from the beach in deal england where He lives [8]
  • If you were given the chance to interview freddy Mcconnell write down five questions you would ask him about his experience [9]
  • Mcconnell delivered via a water Birth and finlay was written into his Birth plan camping out in deal for two weeks to ensure she’d be there [8]
  • Mcconnell is shown delivering his son in realistic detail [8]
  • Freddy Mcconnell adores his son jack [9]
  • Mcconnell is trans [8]
  • Mcconnell conceives that He was very naive about how hard pregnancy would be [8]
  • Without his glasses on Mcconnell jokes He was completely oblivious to finlay’s presence. [8]
  • It’s mcconnell’s candor throughout the entire journey that makes the film valuable but perhaps its greatest power is in that scene [8]


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