You have asked the following question if a college is destroyed what happens
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  • Five years on the University is still dealing with the consequences [8]
  • Needless to say pass by catastrophe is exceedingly rare but with the perfect storm it can happen [3]
  • If a University burns down or is Destroyed otherwise all current Students immediately graduate with a bachelor's degree [1]
  • This is what Happens when you get an extremely high dose of radiation from cecil kelley criticality accident - wikipedia [5]
  • As others have noted this is what Happens with severe radiation exposure [5]
  • Is it true that if someone dies during a test everyone else present passes [6]
  • If carbon 12 is converted to carbon 7 of human Dna what will happen to human body [5]
  • Also the second bullet point states that should a University or its library be Destroyed all current Students graduate with honors [6]
  • This scenario is thoroughly explored by the brilliant randall monroe in his book ‘what if serious answers to absurd hypothetical questions’ [5]
  • If you reflect on what the consequences of an incident could be you realise that the cost can be extremely high says inns [8]
  • Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation inc [1]
  • Skeptics stack exchange is a question and answer site for scientific skepticism [6]
  • Taking the gun out of the hands of an individual planning a shooting is one approach having armed officers neutralise an attacker is another [8]
  • There is also a broader lesson perhaps for institutions that are custodians of historic estates [8]
  • Students can get a first-hand account of what earthquakes can do - and not just to buildings [8]

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University a

  • He hopes to foster A collegial attitude within the University A culture shift that will encourage more unity on campuses [8]
  • At york University A strike caused class cancellations and exams were postponed into the summer [6]
  • At york University A fire caused exams to be postponed [6]


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if a college is destroyed what happenssource:

if a college is destroyed what happenssource:



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