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  • Today Kellogg's Corn Flakes are the best-selling breakfast Cereal in the us [7]
  • Corn Flakes or cornflakes are a breakfast Cereal made by toasting Flakes of Corn maize [1]
  • Corn Flakes Cereal is a staple on breakfast tables all over the world [7]
  • Despite creating a product Corn Flakes that launched a food craze dr [5]
  • John harvey Kellogg his invention of Corn Flakes was part of his health movement that he called biological living. [5]
  • They are made by mixing Corn Flakes with honey butter and sugar and baking in patty cases or muffin cups [1]
  • Corn Flakes are a packaged Cereal product formed from small toasted Flakes of Corn usually served cold with milk and sometimes sugar [1]
  • Corn Flakes are one of the most popular breakfast cereals in the world and for countless people it is an integral part of their morning routine [4]
  • John's brother will Kellogg to produce Corn Flakes for the wider public [1]
  • By 1930 the Kellogg Cereal company was the largest breakfast Cereal maker in the world [7]
  • Corn Flakes which he first designed in the 1890s were his most enduring legacy [5]
  • In 1898 they tried the same process using Corn instead of wheat and Corn Flakes were born [7]
  • A variant popular in the uk is chocolate Corn Flake cakes made with Corn Flakes dark chocolate golden syrup and butter [1]
  • There are many generic brands of Corn Flakes produced by various manufacturers [1]
  • Corn Flakes are usually served with cold milk but sometimes with warm or hot [1]
  • Few people today would eat kellogg’s Corn Flakes or jackson’s granula [5]
  • William believed they needed to make Corn Flakes taste better while dr [5]
  • In new zealand Corn Flakes are a core ingredient in afghan biscuits a chocolate biscuit made with Corn Flakes and topped with chocolate icing [1]
  • With Corn Flakes becoming popular in the wider community a previous patient at the sanitarium c [1]
  • There are a wide variety of different recipes for dishes involving Corn Flakes and crushed Corn Flakes can even be a substitute for bread crumbs [1]
  • Corn Flakes originally created to clear the mind of ’sinful’ thoughts [4]
  • He Invented cornflakes in 1878 in the hope that plain food would stop people masturbating [4]
  • Sugar frosted Flakes immediately trounced the inedible corn-fetti and went on to become america's most popular candy-coated Cereal [6]
  • In 1894 two brothers dr john harvey Kellogg and will keith wk Kellogg were running a sanitarium and health spa in the town of battle creek michigan [7]
  • John Kellogg who believed sugar was unhealthy had argued vehemently against using it as an ingredient in cornflakes [6]
  • Six months later they introduced candy-kissed rice krinkles a caramel-coated rice Cereal designed to steal market share from Kellogg's rice krispies [6]
  • Weird breakfast Cereal box designs [6]
  • Dr john Kellogg however took the adventist faith in the purity of the body to an even further extreme [7]
  • Kellogg saw sugar as corrupting his health food [5]
  • Cereal left a huge mark on the food industry [5]

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Kellogg to

  • John's brother will Kellogg To produce Corn Flakes for the wider public [1]
  • So if you have ever noticed that your thoughts are particularly wholesome while having your morning Cereal then you have mr Kellogg To thank [4]
  • Spread his gospel of biologic living [5]

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