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  • Need a Screen grab of your Chromebook it's surprisingly easy once you Know how [5]
  • Open the files app and Click on the downloads section [4]
  • Share your whole Screen or just part of it [2]
  • Turn caps lock on or off press search alt [3]
  • Select settings [3]
  • Click it to Open the available storage in the files app [4]
  • Learn how to Choose your keyboard language [3]
  • Learn how to make your Chromebook accessible [3]
  • Take a partial Screenshot press shift ctrl show windows or shift ctrl f5 then Click and Drag [3]
  • Step two Click and Drag with your mouse to Select the rectangular region of your Screen you want to Screenshot [2]
  • Guess the theme songs.. [4]
  • Change the function of one or more keys [3]
  • Step two Select Capture Screen for a full Screenshot or Select Capture region and use the stylus to Select the region you want a Screenshot of [2]
  • Screenshot easy for example not only works on chromebooks but it has an interface that scales up to larger screens [4]
  • Help center [3]
  • Take a Screenshot press ctrl show windows or ctrl f5 [3]
  • Take a Screenshot on tablets press power button volume down button [3]
  • If this doesn't take a Screenshot immediately trying briefly holding both buttons [2]
  • Chromebooks don’t have a dedicated Screenshot key but you still Start a Screen Capture in much the same way [4]
  • There’s one question that i see new Chrome os users ask frequently andit’s this ‘how do you take a Screenshot on a Chromebook ’ [5]
  • Here’s how to take a Screenshot on a Chromebook Find it and Share it [4]
  • Take Screenshot on a convertible Chromebook tablet [4]
  • Chrome os will automatically Save your Screenshot to your downloads Folder [4]
  • Download awesome Screenshot free download Save to google drive free [4]
  • Under device Choose keyboard [3]
  • Another quick way to Access this Screenshot on another device is to Drag and Drop it to the google drive section of the files app [4]
  • If you Need to Capture screenshots on your Chromebook you're in luck [2]
  • At the bottom right Select the time [3]
  • You can Click on the ‘screenshot taken’ notification to immediately Open the corresponding image file in the Chrome os file manager. [5]
  • While google no longer offers an official Chrome Screenshot extension Save to google drive is one you may Find useful [4]

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